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Top Issue- 02-05 Ford Thunderbird Ignition Coils COP

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by tbird, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. JW in Dixie

    JW in Dixie Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    A new set of COPs ride in my trunk, hopefully, like insurance, will never be needed.
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  2. Hi Tommy,
    Thanks for your words of encouragement. I ordered two sets of 8 COP’s and some new spark plugs. Have to get it to my mechanic after the replacements arrive. Never had one problem with the car until 50k. Then experienced an oil leak from the valve cover gaskets. Had the gaskets replaced and 5 thousand miles later smelled hot oil from engine compartment. Had valve cover gaskets replaced again two months ago and the engine missing started about 200 miles later. Thanks again,
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  3. JW in Dixie

    JW in Dixie Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Chances are oil damaged a COP or several. Good luck
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  4. hello, thank you for the information, it is very hellpfull.I am going to change the 8 ignition coils in the same time. Tbird doesn't want to start.
    Jean-Luc, from France
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  5. JW in Dixie

    JW in Dixie Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Neat tools, patience, dexterity and a cold six pack will be you friends. Cheers
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  6. hello, I changed the 8 spark plugs , and the 8 ignition coils, but unfortunately, miss Tbird doesn't want to start.
    I confirm patience and dexterity are needed !

    Jean-Luc , from France
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  7. JW in Dixie

    JW in Dixie Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Go back and look for a disconnected wire or tube. Best of luck, Jean-Luc

    Worked for Saint-Gobain in Alabama for a while.
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  8. hello,
    after changing the 8 spark plugs because the engine light on on the dashboard, I changed just after the 8 ignition coils beacause the Tbird doesn't want to start. But Tbird doesn't start. Now the Ford garage tell me the fuel pump is out and the light on the dashboard flashes 16 times. As I am in France , and this kind of Tbird is not well known, can you help me with the signification of the 16 time flashs, in order to be sure that the fuel pump is the problem ?

    Jean-Luc from France.
  9. tbird

    tbird Forum Moderator Staff Member Lifetime Donor

    I meant to post the other day and tell you this sound more like a fuel pump problem since the car would not start!
  10. Bought these (and a spare set) and am very pleased !! Thanks for the recommendation !
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  11. Blackbird on the road again! Seen with 8 new NKG Platinum spark plugs. Had to use Permatex around the covers due to the slight height difference. Packing a spare 8 pack of coils in the trunk for Insurance. Thanks for all the information and help from Thunderbird forum.
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  12. I don't know if this will help , but I found out FORD sometimes uses parts that only can be baught from them . Some how they have a way to inplant a chip or something in side . I learned this $2100.00 later
  13. I have a 2002 Bird and had a problem with total loss of power when driving it. This happened 3 times and I took it in to a dealership. Using diagnostic tests, they could not find anything wrong with the car. It always started right up again after it killed. I've driven it since and had no problem but I'm a little nervous about the power loss happening again. Any clues as to what is or was the problem would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I just started experiencing the problem that you describe in this forum so I took the car to my local repair shop a guy I trust and I’m having them do it. There was a time when I would have attempted to repair it myself but now a days I leave it to the experts. my mechanic was surprised to read about the issue and that my car would be suffering from it since it only has 26k miles.
  15. I just got my car back after having the coils and spark plugs replaced and if appears to have done the trick. My pockets unfortunately are $750 lighter! How can There be such a price difference between Ford and after market parts? Well lesson learned.
  17. Sorry to hear about your bad turn just as you bought your car! Some of what you described here is covered very well in the various threads on this forum. They're organized very well.

    My suggestion would be to search on "AC" or "air conditioning". Without knowing your specifics, there are some known problem components in these AC systems and you may just need a less expensive part to get things going again. Regarding the time to make the repair, I understand the entire dash has to come out to access the AC so they may not be too far off.

    Likewise, if you search "power steering" you will find numerous threads with others' experiences and helpful info. Some of the power steering problems folks encounter have more to do with an electronic module (search "FEM"). May not be the steering at all.

    Good luck, and I hope you get things straightened out. 8K miles is sweet!
  20. Last week, I bought a single Motorcraft DG 529 replacement coil, $48 at Amazon rather than the set of 8 for $47 cited in this thread ( at Amazon https://tinyurl.com/y8e8zfws). I did that, anticipating there would be less risk of a recurring failure with the OEM part. I now question that as the OEM Motorcraft part was made in China, likely the same as the set of 8/$47.

    My question: what is the owner community's experience with OEM Motorcraft repl. coils vs. those in the link above? I am willing to pay the 8x premium for the OEM part, provided there is evidence that its quality justifies it.


    'Have just experienced first coil failure on '04 with 22K mi. I am the original owner. Upon first noticing the "miss", I used my scan tool and found cyl.#6/P0306 "misfire detected". I did not use the car after my diagnosis until I received/installed the replacement coil. While I did remove/inspect the #6 plug, it appeared unaffected (likely because I parked the car in my garage within five minutes of sensing the "miss"). Removing the COP cover (left side) was frustrating because of the need to remove "stuff" to access the fasteners (but a common problem on all modern engines). Upon removal of the cover, there was no evidence of water/oil leakage into the COP bores. The engine has never had water on it and there has never been any evidence of oil leakage from the engine anywhere. I then attributed the #6 coil failure to time (14 years!). As I suspect there will subsequent failures, I plan to preemptively order replacement coils for the the remaining 7 OEM coils.

    Opinions welcome on the merits of paying the premium for the OEM Motorcraft DG529 coils...


    Silver Bird
    Tyler, TX
    Cooper Landing, Alaska (summer resident)

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