1. N

    For sale 2002 Yellow Premium 23.7k miles $16,000

    I'm not 100% on the price, i don't want to over-price, nor under-price -- price is negotiable within reason. 2002 was pre-ordered and delivered in 2003. One owner, my father whom passed away 2004. Title transferred to me thereafter. 23,664.0 miles today. Video Link: (more details than the...
  2. J

    2002 Raise/Lower switch question

    Hi all,Trouble-shooting my 'Birds inability to raise or lower the convertible top. I get zero pump/motor noise in either direction and zero voltage at the UP/DOWN relays, swapped the relays, no difference). I seem to have narrowed it down to the actual Raise/Lower switch but am looking for...
  3. Uccello Tuono

    Ruffled Feathers 2004

    Thought I'd share a recent occurrence:[After changing all eight COPs and spark plugs a few months ago]Me: "All right, Bird, that should smooth out your rough running engine. It was a grueling two hours, but you're worth it. Just thankful for all the info on the Forum so I was able to do...
  4. Pearsond1

    2002 FRDN-AUX Auxilary Input for CD Changer

    Hello All...If you know the Part/Model number of the 2002 oem Audiophile in-dash radio with 6-disc CD changer auxilary input, please respond to this thread.Any guidance will be greatly appreciated!!Thanks, Drew.
  5. Gus Gutz

    Help needed Front Electronic Module FEM 2002-2005

    My lights went off and my drivers window would not go down. The radio would not turn off when the door was opened and the windows do not drop. this happened twice in two days.I am sure it is the front electronic module. Anyone know what to do and where to take it?MODERATOR NOTE 2020- We've...
  6. Transporter

    2002 Thunderbird does not move after stopping at traffic light

    I searched the Forum using Transmission(s) and got nowhere. If somebody knows where to point me, please do.The 2002 Tbird starts and runs fine. At different times, I will pull up to a stop at a traffic light and when it turns green, I press on the gas pedal and the engine free revs and the...
  7. C

    FOR SALE: 2002 Ford Thunderbird Roadster - Premimum Edition 24503 Miles

  8. n1253033940_40190_9542.jpg


  9. Quickdraw

    Find Out How Rare Your '02-'05 Thunderbird is...

    Give me your 17 digit VIN, or the year and last five digits of your VIN, and I'll tell you how many cars were made like yours.Moderator note 2022- this service is no longer available. Please do not start new threads asking about how rare your car is.Moderator Note 2021- Find out more...
  10. 0

    For sale - set of 4 OEM 7 spoke wheels with tires

    (LOT OF 4) 2002-2003 FORD THUNDERBIRD Wheel 17x7-1/2 aluminum chrome 7 spoke OEM.Tires are Falken Pro G4 A/S 225150R17 94V M+S$500.00 Complete Buyer pays for shippingIf interested, please text 734.558.4963
  11. J

    2002 (78,000 miles) - multiple oil leaks

    After a recent oil change, the mechanic informed me that I had three leaks: - oil pan leak (est. about $400) - valve cover gasket leak (est. $400-$500) - timing cap leak (est. about $1,100).I am sure I have had the valve cover gasket leak repair before (maybe 8-10 years ago), and I can't...
  12. Transporter

    2002 Overheating with temp gauge at 9 o’clock

    Strange overheating problem. T-bird drives fine then about 10 minutes after reaching operating Temperature with the temperature gauge at the 9 o’clock position, steam starts coming out from under the hood. The steam leak is near the front engine cowl and radiator. 6 months ago system was...
  13. D

    2002 Ford Thunderbird One owner Clean NC title Clean Car Fax

    2002 Ford Thunderbird. One owner, Came out of an Estate. Clean Car Fax, Clean NC title. Have original Window Sticker, original Bill of Sale from Lumberton Ford, Hard Top stand and cover, Tonneau cover. Super clean inside and out. Fresh oil change with Motor Craft oil and filter. Sale price does...
  14. P

    2002 headlight doesn't work on low beams but does on high beams/rear window adhesive

    I have two problems with my 2002 Thunderbird. One headlight will not come on when on low beams, but does when on high beams. Bulb has been replaced and the whole kit has been replaced for about $1k! Still not working and the dealership has no clue. 2nd problem: the rear window seems to have lost...
  15. KT-Bird

    2002 Map Lights won't turn off

    Just got home and it seems the map lights aren't shutting off. Any ideas on how to fix it so I dont wake up with a dead battery?Thanks! #newowner
  16. M

    For Sale: (4) 19 inch Wheels and Tires off of 2002 T-Bird

    Hello all!We've just gone back to stock after buying four chrome 17" Nieman Marcus 21 spoke wheels. We've got the (4) Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus 245/35 ZR 19 93Y mounted on chrome wheels. The tires have tons of tread but a date code of 5211 (last week of December in 2011) so they're 6+...
  17. Transporter

    2002 Will not Start after running for 5 minutes

    So we got a free Leaf to drive so I stored the Bird over the winter with a battery tender. After the first month, I started the car and all was fine. The rest of the winter we had too much going on and I forgot to start it anymore. Today I took the tender off, got in, and it started up first...
  18. rebeccabyrd

    Pulling a Camper with my 02

    I would like to know if anyone has ever pulled a camper with their TBird? I have an 02 and would like to get a small camper to pull. I have found the towing capacity is 1000 lbs and there are several campers you can get nowadays within that weight. Just wondering if anyone has any experience...
  19. tbird

    Top Issue- 02-05 Ford Thunderbird Ignition Coils COP

    2002-2005 Ford Thunderbird and Lincoln LS have a widely known issue with Ignition coils going bad and also fouling out spark plugs causing misfires . Just by replacing these components, you may be able to bring new life to your engine!At the time of this post, 59.30 for an entire set of...
  20. OldBirdMcCoy

    2002 Thunderbird For Sale Excellent Cond.

    Selling my dad's 2002 T-Bird after he passed away last week. This was his pride and joy and we want it to go to a good home. 64,133 miles. Hard/Soft top. Leather interior. Excellent Condition...Nothing wrong with it at all! He just had all 8 Coil on Plug igniters replaced. Purr's like a...