Top Issue- 02-05 Ford Thunderbird Ignition Coils COP


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2002-2005 Ford Thunderbird and Lincoln LS have a widely known issue with Ignition coils going bad and also fouling out spark plugs causing misfires
. Just by replacing these components you may be able to bring new life to your engine!

At the time of this post, 39.99 for an entire set of Ignition Coils! Can't beat that! If you have a 2002-2005 Ford Thunderbird I would buy these just to have on hand because of the history of these going bad! Don't forget to order 8 spark plugs too because the coils foul them out!

Here is the link

There is a post here on how to replace or here.

Important- You may also have a problem with your cowl seal, wiper seal etc, which is causing the coils to fail! You can read more about that in this post.

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Ordered 1 set yesterday.
Got email it would be delivered tomorrow!
sorry I got last one, but I am sure they will have more soon.

Since I have had my 2005 Anniversary T-Bird, I have to replace 2 and at that price, I know have spares.
Unfortunately, I paid dearly for the replacement.

Is there a post on how to do this replacement?



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In stock got a set just to have , still $35.99
In one more month my 2003 will look just like my 1957 will post picture when done.
I know the 2003 is a great looking car BUT the wife of now 50 years won't drive it, she is to use to APS breaks And Backup cameras and power tops. So this will be my Anniversary Gift to her. She will have the best of both worlds