1. Uccello Tuono

    Ruffled Feathers 2004

    Thought I'd share a recent occurrence:[After changing all eight COPs and spark plugs a few months ago]Me: "All right, Bird, that should smooth out your rough running engine. It was a grueling two hours, but you're worth it. Just thankful for all the info on the Forum so I was able to do...
  2. John Glenn Learn to Fly

    John Glenn Learn to Fly

    Silvia 2004 at Harry Clever Airport where John Glenn took flight lessons. New Philadelphia Ohio
  3. Gus Gutz

    Help needed Front Electronic Module FEM 2002-2005

    My lights went off and my drivers window would not go down. The radio would not turn off when the door was opened and the windows do not drop. this happened twice in two days.I am sure it is the front electronic module. Anyone know what to do and where to take it?MODERATOR NOTE 2020- We've...
  4. cdbintexas

    Seeking Perfect Seats for 2004 Pacific Coast Roadster.

    OK as spring approaches I want to replace the worn seats in my 2004 PCR which is looking at 180,000 miles. The present seats are usable but knowing this may be a long term quest for perfect replacements it is time to start. Local shops are quoting $1000 per seat, a week in the shop, and of...
  5. Mach5

    Rock Auto email - parts for my 2004

    Just got the email from Rock Auto on Wholesale Clearance Parts for my 200-2005 Bird. I like Bosch and Fram so sweet deals for me! Now I just need some warm weather! (Only 6 degrees in MD this morning.) Looked like some great deals especially on brake master cylinders and Monroe struts.
  6. T

    2004 Tbird ABS and Traction Dash Lights

    On my drive home tonight, I noticed the ABS light illuminated on the dash, which had not been on previously. I'm not sure if it had stayed on from the time the ignition turned over, or if it came on between then and a few minutes later when I noticed it. On the drive home I also noticed the...
  7. T

    235/55R17 Tires on a 2004 TBird

    Hi Everyone!I'm putting new tires and wheels on my 2004 Tbird (I'm a sucker for originality, but I've got a slow leak in my front left that my mechanic has cautioned me cannot be repaired at this time, so the originals will be stored and I'll have some stand-in wheels until I can afford to...
  8. Bird In the Hand

    2004 Ford Thunderbird for sale

    Our 2004 Thunderbird is an absolute jewel. With only one previous owner, this car has been handled with care since it was born. This Thunderbird embodies what it was like to drive in the '50s. It was made for cruising through the country on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Flip that top down and let...
  9. tbird

    Top Issue- 02-05 Ford Thunderbird Ignition Coils COP

    2002-2005 Ford Thunderbird and Lincoln LS have a widely known issue with Ignition coils going bad and also fouling out spark plugs causing misfires . Just by replacing these components, you may be able to bring new life to your engine!At the time of this post, 59.30 for an entire set of...