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New stereo fitted to 2002 Thunderbird works with all the systems

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by PhilD, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. I, too, was reluctant to change anything on my 2004 Pacific Coast Special Tbird but the state law changed here in Texas so I really needed the bluetooth for phone calls in my daily driver. I carefully saved the original radio for my grandkids if they ever want to restore it to the car when they inherit it.

    Like others, I bought a double din replacement radio, and the facia trim kit, and the harness adapter, and the backup camera. I selected a JVL Kenwood but as an electrical engineer, I know all radios are built from the same hardware items and it is only the features and the firmware, or programming, which varies between a $200 unit and a $2000 unit. On line videos and the owners manual and wiring diagrams and comments on this forum were a big help.

    One word about picking your unit, DIN is a great standard and any double din radio will indeed fit. Search the internet for the features and price range which fits you. I did not bother to reconnect the steering controls as I do not use them as a matter of course. I am still working out how to precisely connect power to the backup camera as it seems to me the reverse transmission mode is communicated to the Rear Electronic Module by way of a CAN buss signal and the backup lights are hot all the time and are switched by the REM sending out a switched ground return path. For power, I can easily access the backup light fuse professionally in the Rear Fuse Box, but I am puzzled as to which place to access this switched ground. Once I find it, I will need to select a suitable relay which will not confuse the " illumination bulb out warning system". ( I found the hard way that installing New High Tech LED turn signal bulbs is a no no on that account.) One other open issue I have is that facia trim kit seems only to be available in Black or painted Silver. The PCR has a gray panel and it would have been nice for someone to offer to supply a gray radio facia trim panel.
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  2. If I remember rightly the reversing lights are a switchable negative so I used the negative on the on the camera's negative wire and wired the power into an ignition positive, cannot remember from where I got the power though sorry will have to look in my trunk at some point. I may have also utilized a relay, sorry just cannot remember for the life of me right now but will look into it.
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  3. Thanks Phil, if you do look into your trunk, tell me where you picked up the switched ground signal. I really dont want to open a harness in the trunk and would prefer not to have to go through a bulkhead to get behind the backup light signal. I know it exists at the connector and if that is the best place, then I will use it. It is an easily identifible 3 pin plug. I did not get the memo that the red and black to the camera could accept switching on either lead.
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  4. It does if one of either of them is constant and the other switched that will work on a camera
  5. I was able to take the AC vent to a automotive pant store and have the paint matched, and put on a spray can. It came out looking great. I had to go to 3 store before I found a guy who would take the time to do it
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  6. Thanks for all the comments guys, it again proves the value of the forum. After three months of use here is my update on my radio.
    1. I bought inexpensive automotive relay and wired the backup camera through it by opening the harness inside the backup lamp plug, ran the wire to the battery area and mounted the relay there. Backup camera works as intended.
    2. Not happy with LCD touch screen which is unreadable when the top is down (which is nearly always here in Texas)
    Dont know why someone does not make a convertible radio with an e-paper screen like my e-book which is readable in almost any light. Sigh.
    3. Also not happy that the advertised iphone connection capability did not provide for phone map video. Bottom line I am still looking for the perfect replacement radio.
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  7. Thanks for these updates. I'm also looking to add a double-DIN radio, but I've had more bad experiences than good. I'm considering starting a new thread for folks to contribute ideas, brands and models of radios they've had good (or bad) luck with, etc. One gripe I've always had in particular is that most aftermarket radios have a glossy black finish on their buttons and trim, but the surrounding fascia in every car I've owned is flat, or matte black finish. They always scream aftermarket.
  9. A thread on that subject is a good idea but products change so often it will be difficult to keep it current.
    As to your preference of dull black vs shinny black I bet there is a person out there some where who knows how to make shinny look dull with super fine sandpaper or with that corse headlight cleaning polish we keep reading about. I will keep looking for the unit which has real volume control knobs and ability to display phone map which are my two must haves. I may even experiment with recessing the face plate 2 inches to solve the sunlight problem. (The curse of being an engineer and a product designer)
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  10. I just pulled the first coil from the spark plug, OIL is all over the boot? Bad?
    Help Doug
  11. Good evening... I was hoping to get a littleness help. Decided to replace my stereo, bought a double din touch screen, was able to hookup the subwoofer with the additiona wiring harness... my problem is that the center dash satellite speakers, I can seems to find a way to get the satellite speakers to work...
  12. Transporter

    Transporter Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Check you Value Cover gaskets, sounds like they might need replaced. What year is your Tbird? 2002 are known to have this issue.
  13. Transporter

    Transporter Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Do you have the model number/part number for the harness you bought? The issue is that there are two out there being sold for Tbirds, one makes everything work, the other most of it works. And if that isn't it, something most likely isn't connected correctly. I bought this harness package and everything works as it should (pictures coming soon).


    I'm using this Head Unit:


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