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New stereo fitted to 2002 Thunderbird works with all the systems

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by PhilD, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. I just wanted to share with everyone my experience of changing the factory fitted 6 CD changer stereo in my 2002 Thunderbird, this unit had started to jam the CD's so I decided to install a new system. After a lot of looking and comparing (plus price being important I'm sorry to say) I finally set on the

    Power Acoustik PDN-626B 6.2" Double-DIN In-Dash GPS Navigation LCD Touchscreen DVD Receiver with Bluetooth
    Try- VC KW-V830BT Double DIN Bluetooth In-Dash DVD/CD/AM/FM Car Stereo Receiver w/ 6.8" Touchscreen LCD Display, Apple Car Play, Android Auto

    Phew thats a mouthful. I also bought the following parts needed to fit it into the dash and for the wiring.

    Scosche LN1329B - 2000-06 Lincoln LS / 2002-06 Ford Thunderbird Double DIN Kit or


    The stereo cost approx $157 plus tax, free shipping though so thats good, the scosche dash kit was only $10 and the metra wiring adaptor $6, so in all not bad.

    Now the reason I went for this stereo is it had blue tooth for the phones, an input for a back up camera which I have fitted as I don't want to hit any curbs or poles with my TBird. Also it came with navigation, a plus although I don't think it can be updated, it has inputs for micro sd card, usb and also mini headphone style socket to connect music from other devices including a phone. Radio which works really well and the kicker wires for your stereo steering wheel controls. It also has a large size touchscreen, plus it comes with a stylus (yeah will never use that so it will sit forever in the center console...just in case) and a remote (well its a plastic stick with rows of buttons, you'll never remember which is what anyway. So you can see it had lots of features but I really wanted the blue tooth, back up camera, steering wheel controls, navigation and micro sd card input.

    The wiring is hard and you have to use connectors to connect the stereo wires to the standard loom in the dash, the double din scosche dash kist fits easily but when I had to pull it out to refit the stereo it caught the upper air vents and broke a plastic (of course it was plastic) clip on the vent, so beware of that. The stereo is a very tight fit with all the wires and stuff but it will go in after a fight. I should also add it has an antennae for the GPS part which screws onto the back of the unit and with plenty of cable to run quite a way, I actually ran it along and up the front windscreen strut, along into the center of the windscreen top bar, between the two sunvisor's, the actual antenna is magnetic and if you find the right spot will attach easily. Then put the plastic covers back to hid the wires. You also get an extension microphone for the blue tooth, I stupidly fitted the stereo without thinking what if I wanted to fit that later so cannot get the the lead it plugs into without pulling the whole thing out, so just be aware of it. The microphone on the stereo works fine but what if you re driving with the roof down, although I did wonder where I would put it as the actual mic is self adhesive and those things never stay stuck when its hot.

    The stereo does look beautiful in the car with the double din size touch screen oh and forgot to say its also a dvd player, no I don't need that but if you want a unit this size with a touchscreen it seems it has to be a dvd player.

    Now the steering wheel controls, you have three wires, one black wire is ground, the other two are marked SWC1 and SWC2, the first one is the one you want, you connect this to the relevant wire which is on the black connector with a red front, it has 14 holes, you want the fourteenth which as you look at it is the bottom right. You can google all this.

    The the programming which is wierd, follow the manual (its not good I warn you) then when in the correct menu "SWC1" you tap the relevant button on the touchscreen you want to program (say "mute") then press and hold the mute button on your steering wheel until the screen menu tells you it has completed it. You then do this with each of the steering wheel switches (not cruise just the right hand side stereo ones). Now I found the volume up and down (+ and - as they list it) only programmed when the ignition is off but in the on position.

    I don't know if I covered everything, if not then please ask but it works brilliantly.

    I have uploaded three photo's (I hope they come up for you) two of the stereo in place but with the lower dash area still not put back together, sorry and the the other is the wiring diagram for the stereo, its a sticker on the unit not in the manual....doh!


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  2. would this unit work on 2004 ?
  3. If the stereo system in the 04 is the same as the 02 (sorry I don't know if they were different) then yes, the 02 has the 6 CD changer system with radio I have found some pictures on google to show what my one was like. The section below that displays the outside temperature stays in place. I hope this helps, let me know if it does.

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  4. I also forgot to ask where and what kind of back up camera did you get ?
  5. Thats okay I don't mind you asking, I bought a cheap little one from china on ebay, they cost just over five bucks, here is a link to one I found online really easily, you can find better ones for more money but these work great, if you find the picture is not level just unscrew the front part of the camera and adjust it. Its a hard wired one so you have to run the wire from the back to the front plus wire up a relay to power it when the car goes into reverse from the light. Its fiddly but worth it, I do hear they make wireless ones now but have no idea what they cost. I hope this helps, the back up camera is worth it though.

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  6. I'd like to borrow you for a couple of days.....lol
  7. if you are in Maryland I can help you with it .
  8. What luck. I am.
  9. The only little hiccup I have had with this stereo is sometimes the volume down button on the steering wheel doesn't work, but I have found you have to hold the button on the steering wheel down for a couple of seconds for it to work, any of them. Otherwise I'm really happy with the unit and the sound is great plus bluetooth for the phone.
  10. Thanks, nice review. I am looking to replace my unit, stuck cd disk, so thanks for the review
  11. Your welcome, I was in that position plus wanted more hence why I got this stereo, I recommend doing your research to see what you want and take your time with the wiring as its a little confusing. If you have questions please ask.
  12. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the great post. I think I may try to replace my factory stereo with an Alpine double din as well.

    I was just wondering, do the Mute and Volume up and down buttons on the steering wheel still work with the newly installed stereo?

    Actually just saw that you stated they did. Still having problems with it working?


  13. Withthe stereo I fitted yes although sometimes they are a little temperamental, I found the down volume button doesn't work at all when using the mapping software, strange but the mute, change media source and skip tracks buttons all work which is nice. I can't say to yours as I don't know what it comes with, all I say is do your homework and if you buy the stereo get it from somewhere you can return it if it doesn't go right. I got mine for walmart exactly for the fact I could return it easily, go through all the wires to make sure you have an idea what to do.
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  14. That's a lot of info to take in but I like it. I wouldn't mind having a backup camera but basically I really want my CD player to work again. No way I can install it myself I would have to take it my mechanic. Can you list all the parts I would need to order to make it all work. Please! Thanks
    BTW I absolutely adore my Bird - her name is Tink.
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  15. Okay if you read the first post I made at the very beginning the parts are listed in that but here they are again, firstly the stereo I replaced it with was this one as it comes with the wires installed ready for the steering wheel controls.

    Power Acoustik PDN-626B 6.2" Double-DIN In-Dash GPS Navigation LCD Touchscreen DVD Receiver with Bluetooth (SOLD OUT) Try- VC KW-V830BT Double DIN Bluetooth In-Dash DVD/CD/AM/FM Car Stereo Receiver w/ 6.8" Touchscreen LCD Display, Apple Car Play, Android Auto

    Then there is the kit here which enables you to fit the stereo into the hole where your old stereo CD unit would be.

    Scosche LN1329B - 2000-06 Lincoln LS / 2002-06 Ford Thunderbird Double DIN Kit

    Finally the wiring harness adapter, this is the hardest to figure out the rest is easy.


    The back up camera is just a cheap one I got off ebay for a few dollars, it has three wires, one goes to the reversing light so when you put it in reverse it has power to activate, the second goes to earth/ground and the final one is the wire you run the length of your car to connect to the stereo to give it the video feed. You can buy more expensive wireless camera's if you prefer.

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  16. I did and I went to the supposedly expert in town for stereos and he said that those units won't last long maybe 6 months what he showed me would not look like Tink at all and I want to keep it as original as possible. I have no idea how to install so I'm hoping my mechanic can do it for me but he has yet to get back to me. I'm very protective of Tink and don't want anything to ruin the look although that backup camera would be great. but then when the top is down and it always is when I'm driving unless it rains which it never seems to do in sunny CA
    Thanks again
  17. how did you identify the wires or pin to on the car to connect the steering wheel control
  18. tbird

    tbird Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Considering this was posted 8 months ago, I would say your "radio expert" was just trying to sell you his brand.

  19. Sorry to buy you again, but I sent your specs to a few stereo places and they all say its a single CD player - so is it a single or a 6- CD player. I'm having a heck of a time trying to get this thing resolved. Sorry to such a pest!
  20. Thats okay I don't mind, if you mean the new unit its a single cd/dvd player with inputs for micro sd cards, usb, etc. The reason I got this new unit was I could put all my music on a single micro sd card (same as the tiny ones you put into your cell phone to have more memory or a digital camera) and you can put a heck of a lot more music on that than you can on a cd. It was a good deal for this unit for what it had plus wires to connect to the steering wheel controls. Also I got navigation with it which was a nice plus just cannot update the software for it, but you get what you pay for.

    If you are asking about the original stereo in my Bird that I took out it was the six cd changer system.

    Let me know if you have any other questions, I'll try to answer them if I can, I'm just used to doing this sort of stuff myself.

    P.S. sorry I cannot actually help on your car, I moved just over a year ago from southern california to less expensive arizona

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