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Aftermarket Performance Upgrades 2002 2003 2004 2005 Thunderbird

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by tbird, Nov 19, 2016.

  1. I have a 2003 Tbird and I have a Borla exhaust system. It has a nice throaty sound, not overly loud and it gives the Bird a few more horsepower.
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  4. I have the Borla on my PCR and it fit perfectly!
  5. Does anyone have any experience on running a program tuner on a 2002 to boost horsepower is it possible or something I shouldn’t even consider
  6. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

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  7. Is there a video somewhere in this forum showing the programming of a Thunderbird using the SCT tuner? I was not able to find one. Also, does anyone have one used for sale? I have a Ford tuner that I used for my son's Focus ST, but I don't think that will work on the Thunderbird.
  8. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

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  9. Thanks biddle! I checked out the prices on eBay and for not much more $$ I can buy a new one, but before I do, I would like to ask anyone that reads this post and has done the SCT tune...Is it worth the investment? Any comments would be appreciated.
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  10. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

    These are both easy upgrades that will give you a good HP/Torque increase. A lot of owners have done this upgrade and been happy with the results-
    1- SCT Tuner
    2- High Performance Air Filter or Cold Air Intake 2003-2005
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  11. im patiently waiting to receive my throttle body back from maxbore.com, ($125 basic bore ), then knowing the old and new size, ill call a tuner for a 91 oct perf tune for my sct tuner.
    I've done the cai, borla, and sct generic tune already.
    I should be right around 400 hp, give or take :)
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  12. heres a thought
    have the exhaust manifolds extrude honed?
    that used to be good for something, another deep dark hole...
  13. Has anybody installed an exhaust system other than the Borla Cat-back? I want to improve the sound, but the only samples on youtube aren't impressive.

    I should clarify. I want a low, deep grumble on acceleration, with little to no noise at idle. The cat backs that I have heard on youtube don't sound very different from the stock sound.
  14. SCT tuner question...once the Thunderbird specific tune is done, can it be easily reversed? Also, I would appreciate comments from anyone who has used this tuner for their Thunderbird and their results.
    Thank you,
  15. no tbird info yet but on my f150 3,5 eco result are very good,
    takes just a few minutes to change back and or forth, programs stay in sct.
    when it goes back to dealer for? you must change back to stock ford tune.
    they connect to the vehicle and you don't want ford mixing up with sct.
    thats like a forced die for the ford computer. $$$$. imo

    and on new vehicles it voids your warranty

    my borla sounds better and better each drive
    and cai sounds off when floored, too Kool.
    tb bored and in transit back now
    also waiting for h&r lowering springs delivery
    (new struts waiting for springs too.)
    and when new bore size arrives I can order a 91 octane perf tune for the sct .
    its beyond the sct generic perf tune.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2019
  16. Thanks for the response Donny. I’m going to wait and see if I receive any more comments on the SCT before buying. So far I have just put in a K&N air filter. My tbird only has 47,000 miles but I think it needs new shocks/springs as it kind of shudders on lumpy roads.
    I just replaced a leaking thermostat housing, and am going to have the differential oil changed with Amsoil 75w 140.
  17. 2003 3xblack
    just received the throttle body back today
    bored, went from 70 to 74 mm
    looks good on the kitchen table
    feels like at least 25 hp.
    $135 w gasket
  18. performance
    im looking at this full race throttle body (stock/bored) and there is a fuel warmer tube on the bottom.
    warmer fuel helps for milage, colder fuel helps for power.
    I bypassed it on Chevys and ran ice box on saleen blown o6 mustang to keep temp down.
    I don't know how much hp but I see it done at Pomona raceway.
    just a thought?
  19. nope #58 is wrong
    the line connected to the throttle body is actually a heater with coolant for the tb.
    wow I blew that one.
  20. I have a question about the SCT tuner also. Back in the day, I purchased a performance EPROM to install in my ECM. It was for a Cutlass Supreme. Once the EPROM was installed everything went back together like before. Seems like I had to switch to a higher temp thermostat too.

    I've see these tuners in use, and they are generally mounted somewhere within reach of the driver. Is it possible to stash this thing away once the desired program is set, or is it too large to put away?

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