1. tbird

    Aftermarket Performance Parts Upgrades 2002 2003 2004 2005 Thunderbird

    All you need to unleash the power of your Thunderbird are three things! 1- Cold Air Intake 2003-2005 also for 2002 2- Exhaust 2003-2004-2005 ( says 2003 but will fit 2004 & 2005 per this post. 2002 only fits 02 model. Also recommend replacing ignition coils since these are often bad! They are...
  2. levi3410


    I want to get an exhaust with a deep/aggressive/loud motor sound. I have found bolt on dual exhaust(out the back) for $185 new. I would like to get flowmaster 40's or 44's for mufflers (to pass PA inspection) would this be the sound I am looking for? I only have the 3.8 v6 base but I don't know...