2002 2003 2004 2005 Ford Thunderbird 3.9L PCM ECM ECU


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To search for a PCM/EMC/ECU for all makes & models of vehicles (Dodge, Toyota, Jeep, Pontiac, Chrysler) etc click here.

The PCM units from seller "fs1inc" will arrive Programmed & Updated to your vehicle's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) with the most recent manufacturer updates. These updates will also help improve the performance and fuel economy of your vehicle. If your vehicle is PATS (Passive Antitheft System) equipped or has a computer chip in your key, you may need to have the keys reprogrammed by a Locksmith or Ford Dealer. If you do not have PATS, your Powertrain Control Module will be Plug and Play.

After you purchase below, send them your VIN number which assures you get the correct part as well.

2002 Ford Thunderbird PCM- Purchase Links below or click here to view all 2002 PCM's
2U7A-12A650-BTA, 2U7A-12A650-BTB, 2U7A-12A650-FTA, 2W6A-12A650-AA, 2W6A-12A650-BA, 2W6A-12A650-CA, 2W6A-12A650-CA, 2W6A-12A650-CA, 2W6A-12A650-DB, 2W6A-12A650-EA, 2W6A-12A650-EB, 2W6A-12A650-EC, 2W6A-12A650-ED
Hardware Codes are NCB-210 NCB-310 NCB-311 NCB-312

2003 Ford Thunderbird PCM- Purchase Links below or click here to view all 2003 PCM's
3U7A-12A650-GDA, 3U7A-12A650-GDB, 3U7A-12A650-GEA, 3U7A-12A650-GEB, 3W6A-12A650-AA, 3W6A-12A650-AB, 3W6A-12A650-AC, 3W6A-12A650-AD, 3W6A-12A650-AE, 3W6A-12A650-AF, 3W6A-12A650-AH, 3W6A-12A650-AJ, 3W6A-12A650-AK, 3W6A-12A650-BA, 3W6A-12A650-BB, 3W6A-12A650-BC, 3W6A-12A650-BD, 3W6A-12A650-BE, 3W6A-12A650-BF, 3W6A-12A650-BH, 3W6A-12A650-BJ & 3W6A-12A650-BK
Hardware codes HBO-340 & HBO-360

2004 Ford Thunderbird PCM- Purchase Link
4W6A-12A650-AA, 4W6A-12A650-CA, 4W6A-12A650-DA, 4W6A-12A650-EA, 4W6A-12A650-GA, 4W6A-12A650-HA, 4W6A-12A650-KA, 4W6A-12A650-LA, 4W6A-12A650-TA, 4W6A-12A650-TB, 4W6A-12A650-TC, 4W6A-12A650-UA & 4W6A-12A650-UB
Hardware codes HBO-340 & HBO-360

2005 Ford Thunderbird PCM- Purchase Link
5W6A-12A650-AA, 5W6A-12A650-AB, 5W6A-12A650-AC, 5W6A-12A650-AD, 5W6A-12A650-AE, 5W6A-12A650-AF, 5W6A-12A650-CA, 5W6A-12A650-CB, 5W6A-12A650-CC, 5W6A-12A650-CD & 5W6A-12A650-CE
Hardware code is HBO-361

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If someone could provide a replacement video or more details/photos when replacing and send them to me, that would be amazing!