2002 2003 2004 2005 Ford Thunderbird Thermostat Housing Water Pumps


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If you are having trouble with your cooling system on your 2002, 2003, 2004 or 2005 Ford Thunderbird here are some useful parts used in the repairs. Note, a 2002 Thunderbird has a different thermostat housing than 2003-2004-2005. The water pump & thermostat are the same. You can upgrade the thermostat in a 2002 Thunderbird to aluminum. I believe only plastic is available for 2003-2005 Thunderbirds. The plastic thermostat housings often need to be replaced every 5 - 7 years.
Several people have reported issues with the paper gaskets on the aftermarket water pumps. The water pump itself is okay, but you need the upgraded gasket sold separately.

2002-2005 Thermostat-
Purchase Link- https://amzn.to/2Y7ccEl


2002 Thermostat Housing Kit Assembly Aluminum Upgrade Kit-
Purchase link click here
Please note, this is an "unofficial upgrade" from the cheap plastic bell housing that member @Wfg3 discovered. The seller does not show the part as compatible, but it works as noted in his post here- https://forums.fordthunderbirdforum...work-in-2002-2005-thunderbird.8852/post-56177


2002 Thermostat Housing Kit Assembly (Plastic)
Purchase Link- https://amzn.to/2MZYKMp


2003-2004-2005 Dorman 902-903 Thermostat Housing Kit Assembly- (aluminum upgrade is not available to our knowledge)
Purchase Link- https://amzn.to/2YElNBR

OEM Motorcraft Part 3W4Z8548AD (Recommended when available)- Purchase Link

All available thermostat housings, some include coolant reservoir- Purchase Link

Housing Gasket (If Need) Amazon Purchase Link - Ebay Purchase Link
See this page for more gasket details


Coolant Overflow Tank for 5W4Z8A080AA
Purchase Link

The Motorcraft factory tank is over 200.00! Purchase link

The water pump and the gasket is the same on 2002-2005, but the thermostat housing is not!

2002-2005 Pro Gasket- This is better than the paper gaskets included with the water pumps
Purchase Link


Motorcraft PW448 2002 2003 2004 2005 Water Pump OEM-
eBay purchase Link or Amazon purchase link

Aftermarket 2002-2003-2004-2005 Water Pump (don't use the paper gasket)
Purchase Link Amazon- https://amzn.to/2N0h3ks or eBay purchase link


2003-2005 Water Pump + Plastic Thermostat Housing (Housing won't fit 2002)
Purchase Link


2002 Ford Thunderbird Radiator - Ebay Link
Hydraulic Cooling fan which was only in 2002- Ebay Link
2003-2004-2005 Ford Thunderbird Radiator- Ebay Link
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2005 Thunderbird there, does the amazon kit contain all the necessary gaskets?

Edit: sorry I didn't specify which part I was referring to.
The Dorman 902-903 Thermostat Housing Kit
I updated that section a moment ago with some new links. (Reload/Refresh page) Some people have said they had problems with the Dorman, you might want to get the OEM since it's available right now. If you cannot reuse the gasket ring, the housing Gasket (If Needed) Amazon Purchase Link - Ebay Purchase Link
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In the ongoing effort to stop overheating we replaced the plastic thermostat housing with the Jaguar aluminum. In the process we discovered a chip in the extension just under the hose clamp. It's holding for now but would like to replace it. We purchased the Ford Manual DVD and searched everywhere online and can't find a part number. The number stamped on the part itself is related to the radiator. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! IMG_1284.jpeg
During an outing around the lake Jan. 1 , steam started pouring out of
the left side of my 2003. One day short of her 18th birthday.
Just a reminder of the 18 year old plastic parts and hoses.
There is no warning they just crack. The thermostat housing
on mine did that very thing. You might consider being proactive
and replacing them before they do it when its most inconvenient.


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I need part# 3W4Z3691BA which is a power steering reservoir hose for a 2004.
Definitely looks like a difficult part to source. Seems a few online guys have simply had a replacement hose special built for them. Low pressure hose, so not a complex piece, but an odd shape. Not critical to maintain the original shape, just make sure it doesn’t rub against any moving parts.

Alternative is to find something at an auto wrecker.
I need replace the cooling pipe on mine which gave away last fall. If you are not sure what I am referring too then search my name and you can see the link with a pic since providing it apparently violates site policy.

I have remove the manifold to properly remove it so while I am preparing for this I am seeking a comprehensive parts list and an tips or tricks that may help. I am finding some information on the Lincoln LS forums but wanted to try hear just in case there was some nuance I need to account for on a thunderbird.