1. BigxN8

    1989-1997 What is your exhaust setup?

    Trying to see what others are doing to their exhaust systems.
  2. BigxN8

    1991 5.0 ECU Upgrade?

    I'm planning to put on a new throttle body and a new exhaust system on my 5.0. I have heard that without a performance chip, my car may run worse. But I also know that this car is from 1991, so would these upgrades hurt my performance and make it slower or would I need to get a chip to make it...
  3. tbird

    2002-2005 Ford Thunderbird Performance Upgrades

    See this thread for a list of 2002 2003 2004 2005 Ford Thunderbird Upgrades.
  4. tbird

    Aftermarket Performance Parts Upgrades 2002 2003 2004 2005 Thunderbird

    All you need to unleash the power of your Thunderbird are three things! 1- SCT Tuner (There was a big lawsuit with the EPA. Any device that has been updated will not work with the Thunderbird anymore. You have to get a used one that hasn't been updated. ) 2- Cold Air Intake 2003-2005 also for...
  5. tbird

    Improve Gas Mileage & Performance Seafoam

    Anyone else here a fan of Seafoam? I know for sure it works great in newer cars, can any of the experience older cars folks weigh in on using it on the vintage Ford Thunderbirds? If your car is really dirty it may run crazy for the first 100 miles but by the second tank it's always worked like...