Air Conditioning Troubleshooting A/C Blows hot on one side 2002 2003 2004 2005 Thunderbird


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Dec 10, 2006
Thunderbird Year
We’ll after 3 years of jerking around with my a/c, charging and replacement of my DCCV it seems my problem is solved. I brought my car to Ford yet again over this past summer and they had it well over 5 weeks on 3 separate visits. They dye tested at least 3 times and recharged with Freon 3 times, replaced my compressor which NEVER had a leak after telling them NOT to replace it. The a/c still wouldn’t hold a charge past a week. Finally 2 weeks ago after the compressor change out failed they decided to check the valve behind the front drivers tire on the frame of the car and it was damaged and not seating properly…..
I have a bunch of comments I want to use next but better not.
I just did a round trip to NY and I was freezing in the car, which was a good thing. I’ve talked to the service manager and have told him I expect a refund of $1,200 dollars. $900 for the compressor and labor and $300 for two recharges that they should NEVER had done…