Who is going topless?

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Last post this morning, I promise...

Just wondering how many have made the switch to the softtop already for Summer? Weather is still bad up here, but did make the switch. I miss the hardtop porthole though. I don't plan on putting the top on and off very often.

Chime in with your topless plans. Anybody plan on running the hardtop all the time?

Have been topless for several weeks...but here in Phoenix, our "topdown" weather is about to come to a close...too hot.

By the end of May, it will be hardtop until October (too hot even at night...10 PM can be 105 still outside).
I have had the hardtop off since the first of April, and I have had the top down a good bit. This chick I'm married to has "Hair issues" with the top down though, it's not a problem for me, I just let the wind blow my scalp, oddly enough, I've had some pretty cool "Comb over" looks after driving with the top down. I love this car.

I figure the top will be off for the summer.

Took mine off last weekend. Will be off for the summer now but I like the looks of the hard top better.

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Took mine off the week after I got the car after dealer's warning on paint damage from hard top gasket. I don't intend to reinstall it till Ford comes up with a permanent fix (not tape). It's been cold here with snow on and off for the last month or more, but if the sun shines and temp goes over 55 down goes the top.

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I took the hardtop off immediately and may put it back on around Thanksgiving, if at all. We have lots of days, even in late Novenmber, that are perfect top down days.

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It seams that my Tbird can control the weather hear in San Diego. If I have the top on it is warm and sunny. If I have the top off it is cold and cloudy. I have also noticed that I get more looks with the top on.
I live in San Francisco, and I'm thinking of taking my hardtop off this weekend and leaving it off until about Thanksgiving (when the rainy season begins here). Still, like Leon and Gobird, I do like the looks of the car with the hardtop on, and I enjoy the more frequent looks I get, as well!

I have an odd problem living in the "cool, grey city of love," though. Ironically, summertime in San Francisco -- especially where I live, near the beach -- is freezing because it is always foggy! So when I leave home in convertible mode, I have to crank the car heater up to the maximum, put on a down jacket, and drive for about 20 minutes in any direction, at which point it's suddenly 85 degrees outside and I get a sunburn! Coming home, the opposite occurs -- 20 minutes from home, I suddenly hit a frigid wall of fog and I look like a fool driving in convertible mode in a tank top in such dismal weather. Whatever is a girl to do?

Got our Tbird yesterday, and had mixed emotions about taking hardtop off. We have the premium, yellow, white top, full interior and are so in love with our Bird with the white top!! However, took the top off this morning and have enjoyed immensely the convertible mode. Living in S. Louisiana, we better take advantage of this somewhat moderate weather before the heavy humidity sets in!
We, like Joel took off the top immediately. Found some water in the folds of the convertible top and got it dried out. (Glad we checked). Don't think we'll put it back on until Fall. I like the idea of "Topless" in our pervertible.

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have had the hardtop off since October except for a formal occasion which screamed for the silver top. thinking about putting it back on for the summer months - hot, humid, rainy. probably the first coolish night we have somewhere to go, we will want to go convertible and the plans will all change. best bet is to get an electric lift and just change whenever we feel like it. might as well enjoy it.

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I took mine off the day I got it, (Oct.16) and then put it back on in November. It's been on/off several times since but is now permanently off until November. It does look better with the top on and people certainly seem to notice it more with the top on, but, I like convertibles. I'd probably be just as happy with no hardtop, but I bought it anyway.

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Amadeus' lid came back off about 3 weeks ago. Since then have cruised to Chapel Hill three times (220 mile round trip) for Carolina baseball games....the latest was last night for the game with ECU. Oh, the looks that that car gets! The term rubbernecker is not limited to folks slowing to look at a wreck on the highway!
I had mentioned it in a previous post a few months ago, but wouldn't it be great if Ford could develop a unique convertible top for the Thunderbird that would have the round portholes in it!

I've had my hardtop off for about 3 weeks now. Too many people were bugging me to ride open-air mode. I waited as long as possible because of the nasty yellow pollen that we have here in Georgia, which has now passed for another year.

I do notice that more people seem to recognize the car for what it is when the hardtop is on.
I took the top off two weeks ago with the help of a friend. (Wife is too small and has shoulder problems lifting.) Emil from E-Z TOP called today to say he is shipping my electric lift on Friday (ordered in February). It is "in paint" today. He changed to 3 day shipping at no extra charge when I told him I planned on next week for installation.

We have not had a convertible for many years and the top-down San Diego freeway noise is going to take a while to get used to.

We take the top off for a day every once in awhile, but the car looks so much better with the top on and the air conditioner works a lot better with the top on also. lol.

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I've had my top off since I installed my EZ-top back in February. I'm still not sure when I'll put the hardtop back on...the evenings here in Florida have been really beautiful, but the humidity is starting to creep up ever so slowly. Guess I may put the top back on either this weekend or next.

BTW, I rarely drive around with the convertible top up. Looks much, much better with the top down!

I've had my bluebird since 4/20 but only had it on the road 3 days due to inclement Indiana weather. I agree with several others that the car is a better looker with the hardtop on. It seem like every woman who looks at the car comments about the trademark portholes in the roofline. The cold weather has given me the chance to re-arrange my garage to provide the best home for the new bird. So, as soon as we get some temps over 60, the top will come off and be stored until fall. Since my first car in 1967 was a red Chevy Impala SS convert., I am looking forward to top-down weather.
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