What did you do to your Tbird today? 2002-2005

Yikes! Glad that it all turned out OK. I use a 235/50R17 for my spare. It fits in the well but you can’t use the cover. I plan to make a flat cover.
I ordered a 215/55/17 from Amazon...$70, my local shop mounted and balanced for free. I researched diameter and width specs and it is close to size of temp so the cover sits in place. I am like you, why be speed and distance limited if I need to use the spare?

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I have gotten 1.2" wide Mylar tape and will be installing the Top on the wive's car today.

The top has been sitting on the stand for over 15 years. The first couple of years I put the top on and off but then the wife said just leave it off. I would sometimes roll it out to the backyard when I needed more room in the garage.

When I pulled the cover off it had two large scuffs on the top at the rear just before it makes the turn down to the rear window.
I had to buff them out, then I polished and waxed the entire top.

I had to experiment with the install of the Mylar tape a few times before I got the laying of the tape correct, but it all came out right in the end and I only spent $12.00 for the tape, with plenty leftover.

The install had some problems trying a new set of harnesses to use with my electric winch. I had used nylon rope 15 years ago with suction cups and the rope fell apart when I took it out of the bag.
I used nylon ratcheting straps with one set going front to back down the center and the other left to right at where the side windows are. Then I attached the suction cups to the bottom/center of the rear window with a ratcheting strap connected to the witch hook with the other two strap hooks and ratchet the rear one to balance the entire top to make it leveler. Then winched it up and had my wife back the car under the top.

I put the top on for the first time in 15 years. My neighbor asked if I got a new car.
This week I paid $200 to my mechanic to change the lighter socket so when I turn the engine off, that socket also goes out. Worth every penny. Toooo many dead batteries. I plug my car cam recorder in it and can never remember to pull out the plug.

I also bought post extenders for my battery. Hopefully, no more taking everything out of the trunk and then wrestle panels around to get at the battery posts. Man, but they can be a pain. Stand by.


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I'm driving mine. It's a daily driver. Last week I had to have the air conditioning compressor replaced and the parts that go with it. It's ready for warm weather now. My 2003 Bird has over 126,000 miles on it. I have had to do maintenance and fix things but all in all I am happy. I don't have a hard top. It also has an after market stereo in it that works excellent! Hooks up to Blue tooth too. I run stock size Goodyear Assurance tires and very happy with them.


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Before you post---This thread is about "What did you do to your Tbird today". This does not mean where did you go in your Tbird. Please keep on topic!

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Taking the top on/off is not significant either. lol
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