The Thunderbird Collection

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I talked with the 800# today.... the second shipment went out on 11/21/01. It was shipped various ways; e.g. UPS, priority mail etc. If you were registered by your dealer, after the 1st. shipment went out in July & August, you will receive the 1st. shipment in this mailing. I asked why they did not send shipments 1 & 2 in this last mailing, and they politely replied "that they just did not do it that way". The lady I spoke with was very nice and she reassured me that if you still get registered by your dealer by the end of November 2001, you will still receive the entire collection.

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I have kept my PO Box until I receive this shipment. I'm not sure if they are going to send it to the PO Box or to my address...

Anyway, I can't wait to get it!!!! :0)

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If you call the 800#,(1-800-831-8317) they can look up your name under your dealer's code or either by your name & zip.. they can probably tell you which address the mailings will go to. Hope this is of some help! Happy Holidays
Thanks Dot. They must be on extended Holiday or have skipped the country because I get no answer.
Received my pkg. from the Thunderbird Collection on Friday 11/30/01. It arrived UPS marked "fragile". Although this was the second of 5 or 6 mailings, I received the 1st. mailings items due to the timing of me being registered by my dealer. As I stated in a earlier post, you will still receive all of the mailings if your dealer has you registered by 11/30/01. However, I was told today that the deadline for registration was extended until 12/31/01.
While waiting at the dealership yesterday to pick up my Thunderbird, my salesman, without even asking me, registered me for the Thunderbird Collection...what a pleasant shock, since I had heard that at a lot of dealerships it was like pulling teeth to get anyone to do this for you. He also gave me a copy of the "hardback coffee table" version book of the Thunderbird, since they were probably just going to throw it away.
Every time i call the tBird collection 800#, i get a different story. Appears to be a totally mismanaged operation. latest story is that the SECOND mailing, which is the yellow book and some static cling TBirds, was supposed to go out about two weeks ago. Now they are saying it will go out "sometime this week'. Who knows??? Let's let each other know when we receive this 2nd mailing.

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I'm glad you're checking in on them, Joela. I remember saying over a month ago that they promised the 1st mailing in early July and it didn't get shipped out until mid August. Looks like they're doing the same with this mailing. Would be nice if we had it by Christmas but this is the worst time of the year for them to be mass mailing a package. Guess I'll expect this shipment by Mid-January.
Just got my 1st mailing this past Fri. Now I know what everyone was talking about. Will have to see how long it's going to take to get my second but at least I know that I'm entered into it now.

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Just received my second mailing via UPS today. Nice little stories about the car's development and team members in the yellow book. One page describes how the car with doors open looks like a thunderbird from the rear (standing about one car length behind).

The static clings are the color of your car, with views from different angles. They can be placed on a window of you house, and as you look out gives you the illusion of your car "parked" in your preferred location.

Also contains a piece of promitional literature for a limited edition watch, outside most of our price range ($4600).

Comment if Ford is listening - The outside of the collection box should be protected during shipment (just a simple sheet of paper would do the trick). The shipping box badly abraded my case, and it looks years old already.

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BornAgain - they are making 250 men's, 250 women's. I didn't see a limit on number a person can order. Suppose you can order more than one, but at $4,600 each, I doubt many will! There is an 800 number to order the signed and numbered watches.
Spoke to TC today. My dealer is registering even though I got my Bird months ago. TC reps said first series of stuff would be coming to me in February if I registered next week.

I'll keep you all posted on the details.
Got my #2 item today, and in fine shape. Even though it's been 15 months since my order without even a VIN# yet, now I know that at least they know the color of my car.
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