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Thought I'd get this thread started up here - for listing magazines you come across with Thunderbird articles

Of course everyone has seen the January '02 Motor Trend magazine by now but there are still other magazines out there:

MAXIM, December issue, pp72-74, "The Phoenix Project" - article and pictures.

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Daughter just sent me an article from the Nov issue of Conde Nast Traveler - the one that has the blue porthole top Ford ad. How did everyone miss that article? Even has an artist's sketch of the new tbird in it. Author had the car for 3 days and toured Georgia with it. Nice article but info on the old 'birds leaves much to be desired.
Just received a long list of magazines from another collector:
Jan 02 GQ has the yellow ad, 2pg, "eliminates the need to know the guy..."
Jan 02 "Hour" a Detroit ad and vanity glossy publication. has the red front 3/4 Passion ad and cover has model driving top down blue, fashion article has blue Thunderbird in background.
Automobile magazine "Buying and Leasing 2002"
Kiplinger's 12/2001 "2002 Car Buyer's Guide"
Consumers Review #26 Cars 2002 sneak preview"
Consumer Review #29 Cards 2002 Buyer's Guide"
Consumers Guide Auto 2002, letters in glittery print
Autoweek 2002 Ultimate buyer's guide (red tbird on cover)
AMI Autoworld 2002 new Car Buyer's guide
Road & Track Sports & GT cars
Car & Driver New Car 2002 Buyer's guide yellow on cover)
Consumer Reports CARS, new cars preview
Car & Driver Jan 02 10 best cars, (not featured, but blue Tbird in picture with rest of contenders)
US Auto Scene Nov 26 Car of the Year headline (back issue contact Gerald Scott 600 Woodbridge Detroit MI 48226
Oakland Press "Wheels" Dec 2 01 Ford Revives T bird
Automobile Jan 02 letters section, ballot for readers car of the year
Popular Mechanics 12/01 Design Awards
Autoweek vol 51 #48 clssified ad w/photo, Neiman Marcus car for sale
Road & Track Dec 01 Road test summary, aticle on Hep Cat p 136
Road & Track Nov 01 letters

I have a subscription to Hour Detroit, and it ran full page ads in the November and December issues, too. I'll give details after I have another look.
The Thunderbird made the Detroit News top ten list. Perhaps a minor endorsement after Motor Trend's COTY, but the only Ford product included with an assortment of GM and import vehicles.
I guess everyone has seen the front page on AOL. Have not read it yet but is about the T-Bird.

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Sports Illustrated Special Double End of Year Issue (Dec 24-31) -- has a two page spread -- a Yellow Hardtop with the words "Eliminates the need to know the guy working the door".
I have been on vacation, and may have missed if this has been posted already. While in Florida, I picked up a copy of Road & Track 2002 Edition of "Sports & GT Cars Unleashed!". It reports on "29 of the World's Best Sports Cars". It has a nice article on our favorite car. "Dynamically, this is the best T-Bird ever, by no means just a boutique car or a stylish cruiser."
Came across a couple of old magazines that haven't been listed before:last April - "Time Out New York" has a cover with the blue 'bird on it and a picture of same car in one of the articles (article is NOT about the 'bird though). backorders are available on their website. Just received info on it a couple of days ago.

Other is "Western Driver" - a Canadian magazine with red on cover and an article - came out last July.

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