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Does the Ford Bra have any fish net or mesh material over the grille opening to keep bugs out but let the air pass through it. Thinking about getting one for Thunder on 66.

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Yes, It has mesh.... If your going to get one.. Order early... Takes about a week... Read the directions carefully.. Hook placement on the upper section is in the Small rectangular holes... I think it a really nice accessory...
I am leaving on a road trip to Las Vegas this morning. Yesterday I washed the car and put the bra back on. This is only second time I have had it on.
Closed the hood and noticed the elastic cord that hold top piece was showing in crack of hood. Opened the hood to find that the plastic hooks on both cords were broken off.
I am positive I had them in the right place, have no idea why they broke off. I will deal with Ford parts dept when I get back.
I think the bra fits and looks good,put a good coat of 303 Protectant on it and you can clean the bugs off with just a damp cloth.
303 ROCKS!!!

It is the ONLY product (IMHO) to use on our birds, especially with the flat matte finish for the dash.

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I know someone posted this long, long ago somewhere, but where can I get 303 protectant?

Thanks everyone!

If you go to the website it now says, TrueValue is carring it. It will go more main stream now.

The best deal I found on the stuff I posted a while ago from an online RV supply place. Got a gallon for like $45. Even with sharing with all my family, will last a long long time.
I like the 303 because it has UV protection, which is especially important with top-down driving. I also found a leather conditioner with UV protection from Zaino.

I also ordered my 303 from Ordered it on a Friday and it arrived Monday. They seem to have the cheapest prices too.

Does anyone have a phone number of a dealer that knows the part number and how to get the bra (a.k.a. front end cover)? I would like to order and have it shipped to me.
I talked to 4 different dealers in Southern California today that all told me it wasn't available from Ford.
Springfield IL is a long way from you, but if you call the Ford dealer and ask for Gene Rogers in the parts department, he will get it for you. He got mine in a week. The fooler is that it is listed as a cover in the accessories on their computer, not as a bra. Their phone number is 217-862-5206, Landmark Ford. The part number is 2W6Z-19A413-BA, Kit-/Car Cover, List $140.26, Net $90.00. If you mention Cal Crawford it might help. (That's me).

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I have one question about the bra, is it a 32,34,or 38 C,D,or DD?

Boy am I asking for it!!!

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