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Drivers side Coil Cover Removal

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by DaCruiser, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Hi All:

    I am replacing the coils and spark plugs on my 2003 Tbird. I have successfully replaced the 4 passenger
    side coils/sparkplugs but I am having problems in removing the coil cover on the drivers side. The problem I
    am having is accessing and removing the bottom 7mm bolts. The one I am having the most problem with is the
    bottom front bolt. The dipstick tube is in the way along with the power steering reservoir. Can anyone provide
    any insight on how to remove this bolt? Appreciate any and all help on this!
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  3. This is all the info I could find several months ago when I had to change #7. Some of the lower were missing- maybe this is why.

    Don't know what year car it is but this owner replaced some of his and the layouts seem to be all the same for all years. He said:
    "After having four fail and replaced by my Ford Dealer I decided to replace the other four myself. Step by step ''''''''
    Step 1: Select the right music to accompany the work.
    Step 2: Lay all the parts needed in a convenient place
    Step 2a: Be sure to have some ignition grease on hand.
    Step 3: Make sure you have all the right tools handy. A deep well 7 mm socket, a regular 7 mm socket, an extension, a 7 mm open/closed end wrench, screwdriver and small flashlight.
    Step 4: Remove the engine cover. Unscrew the two black plastic slotted screws at the front of the cover and remove them. Pop the front of the cover up and gently push the rear of the cover upwards to remove it from the mounting stems.
    Step 5: Identify the coil covers on the right and left sides of the engine. They are secured by six screws. We will work on the passenger's side first.
    Step 6: Using a 7mm socket and driver break loose the four screws on the cover. (two at the front, two in the center).
    Step 6a: Using a 7 mm spanner, break loose the two screws at the rear of the cover closest to the windshield. The upper one can probably be taken out with a regular socket but I used a spanner and once it was loose I turned it out by hand. The lower one is tough but it will come loose once you take a few turns on it with the spanner.
    Step 7: Take out the six screws and put them in a safe place and gently remove the cover taking care not to scrape the gasket material.
    Step 8: Unclip the connector to the coil pack by squeezing the right rear of the connector and pull it loose. Using your 7 mm socket, unscrew the bolt holding the coil pack in place. Then just pull the coil pack off of the spark plug and remove.... with the bolt unthreaded it will pull up very easily.

    Step 9: Put some dialectic grease around the plug cover of the new coil pack and pop it into place onto the spark plug. For the back ones (hardest to get to), it would be wise to put the 7 mm bolt in place on the new pack before putting the pack over the plug and then hand-thread to get it started.
    Then just secure everything back in the reverse order that you took it all off. Make sure you re-connect the clips to the packs before you put the cover back in place.
    You should be able to tell the original packs that need replacing as they will have the Ford part number on them (4B2713).
    If you know what ones have already been replaced (the dealer's receipt will show you the cylinder number), then just replace the others. Cylinders are numbered starting at the passengers side front with number 1. They follow from front to back to number 4 and then start on the driver's side front at number 5 and then back to 8.
    The ones that failed on my car were 2 & 3 and 6 & 7 so I had two hard ones to get at and two easy ones."

    I am not handy but hopefully this fellows guidance can help you.



    George, Jul 16, 2014 Report


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