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Door Ajar light and erratic window closing.

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by Pelagic, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. My door ajar light keeps coming on and both the driver and passenger door windows "think" the door is ajar because they will not close all the way. I have done the re-calibration method in the manual numerous times, and occasionally, when I close the doors, the ajar light does go out and the windows do close. So I think the window behavior is working correctly but the door sensors are shot. Just ordered one to try for passenger side.
    Any others out there have this issue? How difficult was it to swap out sensor? Any tricks?
  2. Hi Pelagic, Not sure if this is the same issue as your having, but I had a problem with my 2002 where my passenger door window didn't drop down when the door opens, I did a simple reset which was: With the door closed, put the window all the way down and hold the button for 3-5 seconds, then raise the window all the way up and again hold the button for 3-5 seconds. Worked like a charm for me. Not sure what the manual said to do, I found the above window reset instuctions online. Hope this info is helpful.
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  3. BBird. Thanks for the reply. Yea - I did that. (That's what it says to do in the manual.)
    But that is not the problem I'm having. Instead, even after recalibrating, I'll open the door, window drops a touch, then close the door, window goes up, then back down (and door ajar light is on.) I suspect the door sensor so am going to replace and see what happens.
  4. Good luck, hope it's an easy fix.
  5. vinnie

    vinnie Aways Learning Lifetime Donor

    What happens when you manually close the windows? Does the light go out? Check the trunk is closed.
  6. Had the window problem a couple times. some how I got the top and windows unsynced. And I couldn't shut the doors because the windows wouldn't retract for loss of a better word. Dropped the windows all the way down. Opened the top and closed it. Got out disconnected the battery. Waited a bit. Reconnected it. Closed the windows and all was well again. As I recall the alarm went off when I stuck the key in. It worked but I have zero idea why.
  7. My 2003 was doing the same thing. A good slathering of the door latch with WD 40 made a quick fix of things. The windows now work properly and the door ajar light is off. Jack
  8. Replaced the passenger door switch and took apart the driver side door as well. Just removed driver side switch and cleaned it up/lubed w/WD40 and reassembled. No more Door Ajar light! BTW - since I could find NOTHING on youtube about disassembling doors for these cars, I figured it out by trial and error. The not-so-obvious part being that you have to remove the speaker covers, then 3 screws that hold the speaker into the door before you can remove the whole door panel. Also - for anyone that ever has to do this, the driver side and passenger side switches are different parts. Not interchangeable. Now - has anyone had to adjusted their doors to better latch? Again, found nothing on the net specific to 02-05 Tbirds. Is this a hinge pin removal and bushings replacement?
  9. 2002 RedBird

    2002 RedBird Supporting Contributor Lifetime Donor

    My 2002 Tbird had a "ghost" in it. The driver window wouldn't work from time to time, the radio stayed on when I left the car, the windshield wipers came on all by themselves, the engine would cut out, the headlights went out now and then, etc. These things all happened only from time to time. It turned out to be a "sensor". It cost about $700 for the part but sent my ghost packing.
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  10. Do you know which "sensor" was causing the problem?
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  11. 2002 RedBird

    2002 RedBird Supporting Contributor Lifetime Donor

    Light module assy
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  12. Redbird I have this problem. Did you take it to the dealer? What was the approximate cost of repair?
  13. I also had that issue today with my window not rolling down that 1/4in. I tried your remedy and it worked perfectly! Thank you!!

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