Door Ajar light and erratic window closing.


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Thank you.. Anything on the open door light and alarm? by chance... also.

All my issues are saying Darn car.. I already had the Rem rebuilt.. Same thing.. no code.. Mine only has 13,000 miles . I just bought it 2 months ago and it had not been running at all.. and stored outside. So I will send out the FEM next week and update the post
interested to see what happens. :)
My door ajar light keeps coming on and both the driver and passenger door windows "think" the door is ajar because they will not close all the way. I have done the re-calibration method in the manual numerous times, and occasionally, when I close the doors, the ajar light does go out and the windows do close. So I think the window behavior is working correctly but the door sensors are shot. Just ordered one to try for passenger side.
Any others out there have this issue? How difficult was it to swap out sensor? Any tricks?
I had the same issue on the passenger side... Just sprayed a bunch of WD40 on the door mechanism and it fixed it!