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Two large dogs ran out in front of my car on Monday. I Couldn't stop in time and I hit one. Spun him around a few times but he got up and hobbled off. Air bag did not deploy. Only had the car three days with 210 miles on it. Caused $2,500 damage. Broke the radiator, bent the air conditioning condensor and broke the from bumper and fender well liner. I felt sick. Luckily garage got it running next day. Those parts must be common to other vehicles. Body work will take longer. Unpainted front bumpers cost $800.00. I guess even dogs have to stop and look at this car.

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Sorry about your accident. I guess you have the dubious honor of haing the first 2002 T-Bird Wreck. Glad it wasn't worse and all it is is cosmetic that can easily be fixed.

If my memory serves right, a lot of the parts from the Thunderbird were off-the-shelf pieces from other cars-the radiator and a/c condenser units came from the Taurus-which means that the repairs would have been easier.
Wish I could find out for sure what the part numbers are-O'Reilly Auto Parts carries the Taurus radiator with two choices-GDI makes a stock replacement unit-we also have a Brass/Copper unit that is a three tube core from our own supplier-factory fit replacement unit that lasts MUCH longer than the plastic tank units that Ford is currently using. When I purchased my 93 LX, the first thing I did was replace the radiator with one of the Brass/copper three tube units, and love the durability.

Originally posted by DesertRoadRunner:
Two large dogs ran out in front of my car on Monday. I Couldn't stop in time and I hit one. Spun him around a few times but he got up and hobbled off.

Man, talk about bad luck! Reminds me of the time my mom wrecked her new car on the way home from the dealership. My friend hit a deer two weeks ago, so look on the bright side, at least you didn't hit a deer. :)


The body shop called today. When they were preping the replacement front bumper cover for painting they detected a very fine - 7 inch long - smile shaped - hairline crack. Its located on the passenger side just underneath where the headlight would be located. They told me that if it had been painted it never would have been noticed. They don't know if it is a defect or if it was damaged in shipping. There were no superficial marks on the bumper. There was no visible crack on the original bumper even though its the same side I hit the dog with. I'm only letting everyone know in the event it shows up on your car further down the road. Hopefully they'll have dog bird ready to fly by Friday because I'm having withdrawals.
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