Database Info for the New Birds - post here Update 1

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2/9/02 Changed the name to be more descriptive.

4/14/02 Updated to reflect my new user name.

I am not affiliated with Ford Motor Company, all the data I gather comes from individuals with an interest in the new Thunderbird.

The files will be updated on a regular basis depending on the amount of data received since the last update.

For the new people on the board, I have been collecting data on all the Birds that I can, so if you have any of the below information on your car, I would appreciate receiving it.

The plots that I post on the Yahoo group site, thenewtbirddata have estimates on build/ETA/delivery dates along with a model breakdown. Due to the limited data that I have, I feel that the estimations may be optimistic, however it will give you a rough idea of build/ETA/delivery dates. As more data is gathered the better the fits will be. For this reason I would appreciate as many build dates/ETA's/delivery dates that I can get. Keep in mind that these are estimates and should not be taken as absolute.

The plots are located in both the files section (.jpg extension) and the photo section. The data is located in the files section in the 2002 TBird Data Files folder.

You can post your info here or email it to me at the below address. If you email me the data your email name will be used as the owner. When submiting data please include as much as possible of the following:

Your full 17 digit VIN, build week, ETA, delivery date, destination (where it is being delivered to, not necessarily where you live) exterior color, top color, model (premium or deluxe), interior color (full, partial, accent or standard), your name if you want it included and any remarks.

We have also found that the build rotation/sequence number is on one of the VIN stickers located on the fenders (front, rear, left and right), hood, trunk, and the doors (there may be more locations that I am currently not aware of). The rotation/sequence number is the actual order of production. It will be a four digit number above the VIN on one of the stickers. If you have a high VIN and low rotation number, add 9960 to the rotation number to find the actual production number of the car. Example: my VIN is 2532 but the rotation number is 2167, indicating that my car was the 2167th 2002 Thunderbird built or VIN 10619 has rotation # 0160 so it was the 10120th car built (160+9960=10120).

Also if you could include your position in the dealer allocation (# of #) it would be useful in giving people who have not received a VIN an idea of when they might.

The usual sequence for vehicle order status is as follows:

(1) clean/unscheduled (2) submitted to plant (3) scheduled (4) locked in (no changes to order allowed) (5) bucked (implies that production of the vehicle has commenced) (6) produced (7) released from plant (8) assignment of a railcar or released to convoy (9) arrived at ramp (rail yard or distribution center near delivery site) (10) if not assigned in step 8, released to convoy.


Joe O'Donnell
St. Pete, FL
2002 Bird in Hand
Black Premium, Black Top, Black Accent,
Boyd Coddington Blaster Billet Wheels
VIN 102532, Rotation # 2167

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I met two other new owners here in the Austin area the other day. Neither one knew of this board. Here is some info for the database (no, I didn't get complete VIN's):

White Premium, white top, black interior, #13413 delivered April 2002 by Leif Johnson Ford of Austin.

Blue Premium, blue top, full accents, #6873 delivered around Dec. 2001 by Munday Ford of Bastrop, TX. Owner thinks it was 1 of 3.
Report from Arlington Tx. Blue premium with white top and full blue interior going to a fine home in Ft Worth Tx. Vin # 1FAHP60A62Y117506 build date 4/29 number 14 of 26. Getting real close Dot.
Originally posted by CANEH:
Report from Arlington Tx. Blue premium with white top and full blue interior going to a fine home in Ft Worth Tx. Vin # 1FAHP60A62Y117506 build date 4/29 number 14 of 26. Getting real close Dot.

Yes, and it's a twin to mine - too bad they can't do both at the same time!

Dot, blu/wht/full blu #18/26 - VIN# countdown: 18-17-16 the New T-bird
From WHVT01

To Joe

Hear's what I got from the salesman

Build week April 20
ETA May 6
Last part of Vin 116349.
On allocation # no idea now. Was bumped
several times
Will be going to Central Texas

Car is to be a Blue/Blue/Full Blue/ Premium
115606 arrived at dealer Sentry Ford in Medford, MA this morning. Quick transportation. It shipped last Thursday.
I will pick it up on Saturday.
Joe a new Vin # from my sales person in Reading , Pa-Iffy build date of 4/26/02
Vin # 1fahp60a82y116907 Blue'premium not sure of interior color.
Info for database:
VIN 1FAHP60AX2Y117489
Build week: 5/6
ETA: unknown
Delivery date: estimated by dealer to be 5/23
will provide actual when known.
Destination: Plant City, FL
Exterior: Black
Top: Black
Model: Premium
Interior: Black accent

Position in the dealer's allocation:
User name of 10of11 represents what I was told when placing the order. Order number seems to indicate I am 8th of 11 but I've seen another order number for them that was 13. Hope you can make sense of this, I couldn't.
1FAHP60A52Y109154 Prem Red/Red/Red accent

1FAHP60A02Y113593 DLX White (no top) std interior (Zoo Atlanta donation)

Both Atlanta deliveries - dates unknown.
It was a beautiful morning in Houston today, so I drove the blue Bird to work. On the way, I went by Mac Haik Ford, and they have a new red premium, partial red interior, hardtop with the shipping wrap still on it. A salesman said the guy who ordered it changed his mind, and the car is available. They want $5K over the sticker price of $40,040. VIN is 1FAHP60A02Y115296. A friend at work is looking for a red Bird, but doesn't want to pay over sticker. I'm sending them over there today...
Hugh in Houston
Lovin my Blue Bird, FUN 3X
I heard mine was in at my dealer but it was the same blue / blue / full accent but not mine!
I was told mine would be built in April, then May now June.
Anyway I got the info, Serial # 12Y115422 sequence # 15535 from right front fender sticker.
Mine will be along soon. Will have to burn some rubber off the tires of my 98 Mustang GT in frustration!
My second car is now scheduled

Order Date: Jan 12/01

7 of 8
Priority 10
VIN 1FAHP60A42Y117780
Build date May 6
Destination -- North Georgia

Blue Premium/ Full Blue Interior/ Blue Hardtop

Delievered to Dealer April 4
vin # 1FAHP60A42Y114491
Ordered Jan 2 2002
Believed to be 3 of 3
Dealer: Tom McClain Ford/Mercury Rochelle, IL
Red Premium with black removable hard top
Partial Black accent package

My yellow premium/yellow top/full yellow interior is VIN# 1FAHP60A92Y113403.
It was built the week of 3/18 and arrived at the dealer on 4/1/02. I ordered it on 1/15/01 (14+ months from order to delivery). Is that a record? I was originally 4/13 in rotation, but I'm sure the dealer bumped me more than once. When the salesman called to tell me the car was in, I thought it was an April Fool's joke!

The only stickers on the car were on the driver's door (RK05 F52031) and windshield (E37 24179). I don't know if these numbers are significant at all.


I no sooner finished my first post, then found the rotation number on the left front fender. It is 3446. So mine was the 13406th car built (3446+9960).


Originally posted all info for YLO BRD on 4/30 and haven't seen it in the owners registry as of yet. Just wondering if it may have gotten overlooked due to vacation. Just anxious to be counted. If I need to re-enter it somewhere, just let me know. Thanks for all your hard work!
ylo brd,

I have you in the database. At the top of this page is a link to the "Owners Registry". Click it and on the linked page is another link to "Submit A Car to Registry", you can enter you info there.
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