2005 limp mode, codes p0507, p2104, p2106

Lesson learned. I relied too much on their great reputation and accepted their estimate without waiting to hear from other owners. I have learned my lesson. In the future, I will get the estimate and research it before agreeing to anything.
Write a Google review and Yelp! This is what impacts them the most! What are their reviews on Google?

A big problem with Mechanic referrals is lots of people are just happy the car got fixed and they have no idea they got screwed! My video on Christian Brothers Automotive is a good example. Had I accepted the estimate and let them replace my A/C compressor, I could have very well walked away happy and wrote them a good review. Unfortunately for them, I took the car somewhere else and found out my compressor worked fine and it was just a ~45.00 return line that was cracked instead of an 1800.00 repair!

Consumers are now protected when they write reviews- https://www.ftc.gov/business-guidan...review-fairness-act-what-businesses-need-know

I am really curious if the codes come back again! My guess is they will!
I have replaced all the coils one at a time between 2016- 2021. Now my car is idling very rough and the wrench light and check engine lights are both on.
The mechanic is thinking either replace all 8 coils and spark plugs or replace throttle body.
Do coils fail after only a few years?
I would appreciate any advice you have. Thanks
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Now my car is idling very rough and the wrench light and check engine lights are both on.
Do coils fail after only a few years?
First, you need to get your own Code Reader so you know why your check engine light is on. Otherwise you are just spinning your wheel asking the internet to make recommendations. Get the Blue Driver, it's the easiest to understand and use- https://forums.fordthunderbirdforum...r-2002-2003-2004-2005-ford-thunderbirds.9738/

Secondly, it does not matter if coils can fail after a few years, etc. It only matters if yours has failed. It's not hard for a mechanic to determine this and examine your spark plugs.

Read this thread about COPS- https://forums.fordthunderbirdforum...-05-ford-thunderbird-ignition-coils-cop.5040/

You will note that it says- Important- You may also have a problem with your cowl seal, wiper seal or valve cover gasket, which is causing the coils to fail! You can read more about that in this post. If you have coils problems after a few days/weeks/months it's likely not the coil, but an additional problem.