02 Steering Wheel Controls not working

Bird Comrades,
I was able to purchase a replacement clock spring for my ‘03 from TASCA Ford Lincoln through FCSD N’tl parts. This forum was instrumental in helping to isolate the part # 3W6Z-14A664-AA. I expected to receive two components: 1) the round plastic spring with two connector cables shown in the Ford parts manual, and 2) the rectangular “brick” that the cables plug into and mounts under dash behind steering wheel. The part I received had the correct number on the shipping box, but the sticker on the part is labeled 3W6T-14A664-AF. It came with one cable, and no “brick.” I am unsure of whether I received the correct part, and whether the brick is an integral component of the clock spring part that fixes steering wheel button control issues (i.e. did I receive everything I need?). Can anyone out there offer any guidance? Many thanks.

This is I received...
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