1. C

    1979 Thunderbird Odd Rear Gear Ratio?

    I have a 1979 Thunderbird that I've been building and i was looking for new higher gear rear end and the tag on the 3rd member says the ratio is a 2.75... which was not offered in 1979? The data plate also has a rear axle code of "2". I even got a Marti Report and it says the same thing, anyone...
  2. M

    1966 Tbird steering shaft removal

    Hey guys, I looked in the book and didn't see it but maybe I missed it. What bolts need to be removed/loosened to slide the shaft back a few inches to get the coupler on. I've never loosened this before so any help would be appreciated. I added a photo.
  3. M

    1966 Tbird Inner rear fender removal

    Hi guys, I was trying to remove the rear inner fender on the drive side to get a better view of the steering gear box area. Are there any bolts inside the engine area? I had all but one removed inside the tire area but the bottom of the fender seemed very tight still. I didn't want to just...
  4. T

    66 convertible top not working

    Recently acquired a 66 thunderbird. When I try to actuate the top nothing happens. No motor sounds, no Hydraulic sounds of any kind, the fuses are all intact. Not exactly sure where to go from here any advice would be helpful on what to do or check next.
  5. Sharon27306

    1994 thunderbird csi project car

    This tbird was my daughters daily for the last 2 years. Runs & drives like a dream, but has brake fluid leak & no time to hunt it. She bought another vehicle and abandoned ole girl at my house to get rid of. Clear title in hand. Needs paint for sure, inside could use a good cleaning. 4.6 L...
  6. C

    ISO Maroon '83 Ford Thunderbird

    Hi, folks-- I'm an Associate Producer at ABC working on a recreation for one of our news programs that involves an '83 maroon Ford Thunderbird. Having some trouble locating one that we'd be able to rent out for a few days to shoot in Long Island mid-September, so figured I'd ask around. Thanks...
  7. S

    5 16x7 Powder Coated Turbo Coupe/Thunderbird Wheels $250

    Can Ship At Buyers Expense, Onlh 4 Center Caps, The Center Caps Have 2 Holes Drilled In Each From Previous Owner
  8. 1

    89 thunderbird sc won’t start

    Hi I have an 89 sc that won’t turn over or start. Replaced steering column and ignition switch. When in the on position I get dash lights but no chime. And won’t turn over. Any suggestions please help.
  9. M

    66 Tbird Transmission dipstick tube Cruise-o-matic MX

    Howdy all, Does anyone know of a place where I can order a dipstick tube for the cruise-o-matic mx Tranny. I only need the tube as mine apparently has a crack in it causing a leak. Thanks in advance.
  10. M

    WTB 1966 Tbird cruise-o-matic Tranny pan

    Howdy, I've looked but with no luck. Does anyone sell a transmission Pan for the cruise-o-matic MX transmission. Thanks.
  11. Zhaney

    1963 for sale $15k

    My granddad has a 1963 two door coupe that has been in his basement for 20+years. The exterior is in good shape just needs to be washed. Interior is great shape. The car does run, but requires starter fluid to start. Possibly carburetor issues. It has 56k miles. Not exactly sure the value so the...
  12. Zhaney

    Info/ Value 1963

    My granddad has a 1963 2door coupe that has been in his basement for 20+ years. Still runs and is in good shape. He is wanting to sell it and I was just looking for information or a possible value. It’s red with black interior. Any information helps. Thanks
  13. TommyDanger

    55 Thunderbird Dash Lights Not Working

    Hey guys! I recently picked up a '55 Tbird and have been fine tuning a couple things. One thing that I can't figure out is getting the dash lights to come on. It has the original 6v setup and I've replaced the headlight switch. Exterior lights, map light, gen and oil lights all work. I've tried...
  14. F

    1974 Black on Black Landau for sale cheap

    Hello everybody, we have a 1974 black on black T Bird that we came into possession through the business. The car was recently Re-sprayed in Black, and we just finished putting four 15 in White Walls all around. All the Chrome and body and Landau top are in amazing shape. We are located in the...
  15. Michaelman

    Strange Electrical Issue with my 1986

    I own a 1986 Mercury Cougar and I know it's not a Thunderbird (I really wanted the Thunderbird but this one was dirt cheap) but the cars are the same in almost every aspect other than the body style. It is a 2.3L turbo with a 5-speed. The car is a joy to drive, but recently I have had an issue...
  16. B

    Old TV commercial with late 70s thunderbird?

    When I was a kid in the late 1980s or 1990s I remember a TV commercial which featured a late 70s ford thunderbird. I think it was for Old Navy, but not sure. It featured a late 70s thunderbird with T-tops and the rear section of the roof removed. It features lots of young people have fun and...
  17. F

    FOR SALE, 2005 Anniversary Edition Florida Thunderbird

    Selling my father in law's 2005 Thunderbird. It is an Anniversary Edition. Silver, about 54,000 miles on it. Very clean, garage kept Florida car. The car comes with removable hard top with stand, as well as soft top. Will be taking photos in the next few days. Open to reasonable offers...
  18. G

    67 Thunderbird 2 door - Buy or not?

    Found a 67 Tbird 2 door for sale. Car has been sitting for some time indoors, owner passed away, friend selling. Friend knows little about the car, has answered basic questions. I am going to look at this car soon and need to determine if I should buy. Without being able to start the car...
  19. tbird4rickandjess


    Selling a 1966 Ford Thunderbird Q Code 428 only 700 made and this one has cruise control which is very rare for a Q code Here is the listing call any questions 954 394 6581
  20. Birdaholic05

    2005 Ford Thunderbird 50th Anniversary

    For Sale 2005 Ford Thunderbird 50th Anniversary Hey everyone I'm posting my 2005 Thunderbird up for sale. The car is in great shape and has been a fun toy for my family. We bought the car brand new in 2005 from Ford. It is garaged and only used in summer. Below are all the details on the car...