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89 thunderbird sc won’t start

Discussion in '1989 - 1997 Ford Thunderbird' started by 1989tbirdsc, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Hi I have an 89 sc that won’t turn over or start. Replaced steering column and ignition switch. When in the on position I get dash lights but no chime. And won’t turn over. Any suggestions please help.
  2. Could be a faulty inertia switch located in the trunk
  3. Fuel pump still turns on. Checked all fuses.
  4. fordrodsteven

    fordrodsteven Well-Known Member Gold Donor

    How did you arrive at changing the steering column, ignition switch? My experience in over 50 years working on cars would be that 99% of the time with no crank or start it would be the starter or starter solenoid. Most likely the starter.
  5. Someone tried stealing the car and ripped out the ignition parts so we needed a new column and lock cylinder but the ignition switch on the column was missing a piece so we had to replace that.
  6. fordrodsteven

    fordrodsteven Well-Known Member Gold Donor

    Oh. I understand. I didn't know the lead in story. Have you tried to jump / bypass to see if the starter / solenoid will work to crank the engine? I should think as long as the column / wiring are compatible it would basically be plug n play. If you're pretty sure the column and ignition switch are functioning properly I would then go through standard start system troubleshooting procedures. Also the neutral safety start switch could cause the symptoms you are experiencing. Again, standard start system troubleshooting would find that problem.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
  7. Any suggestions on what to try next?
  8. fordrodsteven

    fordrodsteven Well-Known Member Gold Donor

    First thing I would try is to jump across the solenoid connections to see if it turns the engine over. Just asking, are you sure the column and wiring are compatible and correct?
  9. Yes all parts were bought from tbsc shop. And part numbers were checked to make sure.
  10. fordrodsteven

    fordrodsteven Well-Known Member Gold Donor

    Do you have a voltmeter (inexpensive / free Harbor Freight unit will work just fine) or a circuit test light?
  11. fordrodsteven

    fordrodsteven Well-Known Member Gold Donor

    If you can get it to crank by jumping the solenoid I would then look to the neutral safety start switch to check that it has power going to it and that it is properly adjusted and functioning.

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