1. TBrd390

    1964 Thunderbird convertible 390

    Selling a 64 convertible with 390 engine. Car is complete needs restoration. Have a bunch of extra trim as well as bumpers and hoods. also have 1/2 a parts car as well. In western Illinois. Make me an offer.
  2. B

    Windscreen--wind deflector..Fits 2002-2005 convertibles

    Never opened...Never used. In original packaging in black zippered case $299.00 This is a new design of wind deflectors which require no modifications to your Thunderbird convertible. A Wind Deflector extends your top down driving season! You can start driving earlier in the spring, drive...
  3. E

    1963 Ford Thunderbird W/ original book!

    Hey Guys! looking to Sell my 63 T-Bird, the car is in great condition, always stored inside, the soft top has no cracks or dry rot. 37,683 original miles, I even have the original book! Have to see in person! Car is located in New Jersey (610)291-7190 Please call with any questions, Evin...
  4. T

    66 convertible top not working

    Recently acquired a 66 thunderbird. When I try to actuate the top nothing happens. No motor sounds, no Hydraulic sounds of any kind, the fuses are all intact. Not exactly sure where to go from here any advice would be helpful on what to do or check next.
  5. S

    1963 hydraulic convertible missing spacers HELP

    I did not see anything in my bolts to put this section back together. i have ordered the nylon that sit in each side of the hydraulic but im not sure what is used for spacer or bolts. Click link to look at the photos of what I'm talking about.
  6. BP63

    63 Tbird antenna stuck in up postition

    Hi, I just purchased a 63 convertible, and the antenna is stuck in the up position. I presumed this was a power antenna that might need to be replaced, but after looking through the parts catalogs the antennas don't appear to be powered up/down. can anyone confirm that power antennas...
  7. tbird4rickandjess


    Selling a 1966 Ford Thunderbird Q Code 428 only 700 made and this one has cruise control which is very rare for a Q code Here is the listing call any questions 954 394 6581
  8. T

    1964 Tbird Convertible for sale

    Project car for sale! ' 64 Tbird Convertible I am not too familiar with this vehicle as I am selling for my deceased brother It is sold as is with no title! I believe it is 90% there for parts, it is rough and been sitting for several years. Asking $3500.
  9. T

    Convertible top gets stuck going down?

    Hi, iv just purchased a 2005 thunderbird here in the UK and have a couple of problems with the car. When I put the roof down it gets stuck half way down and I need to push or pull on the rear windows for it to fall into place and then it goes down and sits fine. Also on occasion the roof...
  10. Dukemp

    64 convertible adding hydraulic fluid

    does anyone know where to put hydraulic fluid in the pumps for the top? It is pretty slow and some one mentioned putting in more flu.
  11. Z

    1962 Thunderbird CONVERTIBLE $9,000

    1962 Thunderbird convertible with 62000 original miles. Car was disassembled approximately 25 years ago. I've been putting it back together slowly. Body is in nearly perfect shape, no rust at all. Engine is the original rebuilt 390, the transmission I believe is the original looks rebuilt but I...
  12. J

    1963 Convertible upper rear seat issue

    Hello Can someone provide me a picture of the 1963 Convertible rear upper seat brackets? Seems someone in my birds past welded extra supports for these and now the upper rear seat sits way to high.
  13. hotrod decor

    parting out 64 t bird convert lots of great body parts

    Hi all, i have a 64 convert im parting out .Would also be open to the entire car being sold . I would classify this car as a parts car . I have 2 beautiful rust free fenders ,2 beautiful doors with glass ,a great flip tray ,good hood ,repo 3/4 quaters ,both sides .Engine and trans in car . lots...
  14. B

    1965 Convertible Production Numbers

    Good evening, newbie here. I just acquired a 1965 Brittany blue convertible. The car was purchased with the top down...we all know why. So when I got it home, a little coaxing and up comes a BLUE top. Cool! I have ordered the paperwork on this car from Marti so will be able to verify whether...
  15. iagmotors

    1959 Ford Thunderbird Convertible Raven Black Power Steering Windows and Top

    Very original Raven Black Ford Thunderbird Convertible with Black & White interior Equipped with Power Steering, Power Windows, and Power Top Wide Whitewall Tires Cruise-O-Matic Transmission 352CI V-8 Original Radio, with excellent brightwork and trim
  16. jcoul1939

    1966 convertable parts cars

    I have two 1966 t-bird convertible parts cars available plus extra parts. best book offer. one has 428 engine.
  17. D

    Pretty in Pink 1957 Ford Thunderbird Convertible for sale, help.

    Hey all, I inherited a mint condition 1957 Ford Thunderbird Convertible from my father in law last year and now it's time to let her go. I do not have the slightest idea on how to sell a car of this caliber and was looking to you guys/gals to see if you could help point me in the right...
  18. S

    2005 Anniversary Silver black interior

    Cars is in EXCELLENT condition, garage kept. With hardtop 5k miles on it. Highly motivated. Will post pics later or email me at servem20@*******.