Windscreen--wind deflector..Fits 2002-2005 convertibles

Never opened...Never used. In original packaging in black zippered case $299.00

This is a new design of wind deflectors which require no modifications to your Thunderbird convertible. A Wind Deflector extends your top down driving season! You can start driving earlier in the spring, drive later into the fall and keep your convertible nice and cool even on the hottest days! Your wind deflector includes with a Free storage bag.

The wind deflector dramatically decreases the amount of wind through the cabin. Wind back draft is reduced by up to 75%, which nearly eliminates wind buffeting and turbulence in the interior of the car. Wind deflector will keep the wind down and you looking great. The wind noise is also significantly lower, allowing you a more enjoyable drive. Lets you listen to music or talk to friends, even at highway speeds. European engineering and styling, enhances the visual profile of your convertible

Your wind deflector arrives fully assembled, can be installed in minutes and there are no modifications needed to your Thunderbird.

Wind deflectors are also known as windscreen, windstop, wind blockers and wind screens.
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