1. H

    1962 Parts Car for Sale in N. California (fits 61, 62, 63)

    Rust Free California 62 Thunderbird 400.00 Hi All, I'm buying a thunderbird next weekend. The car is body complete. The dash is gone, the rear seat is gone, and engine/trans is gone. It is a rolling body and chassis. So has rear end, suspension, rims, etc. I will need the fenders, door...
  2. Dave Duncan

    1962 tbird disk conversion id

    Hi all, I have a recently imported 1962 Thunderbird hardtop with a US conversion. It now runs 15 inch hubs over front discs Please refer to attached photo Can anyone help me identify the conversion? The hubs are about 5mm larger than the rear drum originals Thanks in advance David
  3. M

    62 thunderbird disc brake conversion

    I'm doing a disc brake conversion from a kit I bought on classicdiscbrakes.com and upgraded to get the kit that goes with the stock wheels. when installing them everything goes in fine except the calipers, which rub. I want to keep original wheels because I have mint condition hubcaps for them...
  4. S

    55-66 Huge lot of bodies, frames, axles, brakes, interior, powertrain and A WHOLE LOT MORE.

    I have recently inherited a family members 50,000 sq ft T BIRD restoration and repair shop in Broward county Florida. This building is full of all tbird parts. chrome, body parts, frames blocks bumpers galore. The gentleman that build this collection spent his lifetime collecting Tbirds and...
  5. Z

    1962 Thunderbird CONVERTIBLE $9,000

    1962 Thunderbird convertible with 62000 original miles. Car was disassembled approximately 25 years ago. I've been putting it back together slowly. Body is in nearly perfect shape, no rust at all. Engine is the original rebuilt 390, the transmission I believe is the original looks rebuilt but I...
  6. Z

    1962 Thunderbird steering gear box installation

    Received the car with the gearbox out not sure how it goes back in and where those insulators go that I've read about.? Could motor is out so should be pretty simple. The bolts come in from the fender side or from the engine compartment side? Thanks for your help any links to diagrams or YouTube...
  7. P

    Buying a 1962 tbird

    I am looking at a 1962 Thunderbird tomorrow and was wondering what kind of things to look out for (things that would make it unrestorable). https://wausau.craigslist.org/cto/6102946691.html Thanks, PNGman
  8. J

    61-63 Rear window/back glass for sale in NJ

    I have a rear window from a 3rd gen T-bird. I'm in New Jersey in the New York City area. $99. It has some scratches but no cracks or chips. I'd rather not ship it. It's in my way and I'd like it gone.