What options are recommended?

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We just received our VIN, and now at the stage we are considering options to be make at delivery. What do all you "possessors" recommend? We decided to upgrade hood bezel to chrome and to add the T-bird floor mats. Key consideration, should we undercoat, and if so, what is recommended way. We live in S.Louisiana, known for salty atmosphere. Are there any other recommendations. Thanks, pkboyd..P.S. I am new member, and was not sure if I needed to post on 2002-06/accessories page as well, therefore, did so.
I think that's all that is available, the bezel and the mats. I wouldn't undercoat, certainly at this point. Drive it, enjoy it and as time goes on, you can see what you want to do to personalize it. I put T-Bird decals in the portholes, and yesterday, I finally painted the bird in the hubcap center. I'm still not sure I like that and may attempt to remove the paint. Some have changed wheels, and one painted the brake calipers. I think this is a car that you can do anything to and it'll be right.
My husband Lon has told me in the past that if you are going to undercoat a car, it should be done before it ever leaves the dealership. Reason: The underside of the car will never be any cleaner than it is when still at the dealer. Undercoating sticks better to a clean surface than a dirty old surface. He says waiting and trying to clean the underside several months later does not work well and the undercoating will peel.
pkboyd,all I can say is I've had 5 birds in the past and not one has had undercoating put on them. Years ago the guy that does my body work told me when he has to replace body panels on cars the ones that have the most signs of rust are the ones that have been undercoated. This is do to the coating getting small cracks in it and allowing the water to get between the coating and the sheet metal. He said with the way new cars are painted now it is better to just make sure that the drain holes are kept clean.

Must be some truth in this because all of these businesses around here have gone out of business. Zebart ect.

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I would add to your list the 3M headlight and paint protection films. www.xpel.com

The Ford bra will damage your vehicle eventually and if your state requires a front plate, it will have to be mounted behind the bracket.

Clear bras are $300-800 installed and will protect your Bird for years.

A car cover, the Noah type is also a great investment. The Ford part has been already implicated as a cover that scratches the paint. www.calcarcover.com
So stay away from the Ford front protection and covers. IMO

The floor mats are also available in a rubber that is well made for wet environs &/or mud/snow and are available from Ford.(see your dealer parts department.)

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