What did you do to your Tbird today?


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OH BOY!!, ( 34° today in Missoula,Montana). Sure was hard for me to only take half of my cover off my car to start it up and open the garage doors. The sun was even shining but there is snow on the ground and gravel on the road. Looks like another six weeks at least. Pray for me !
I've seen these threads on many other forums I'm apart of. Don't know if it would be as active here, but figured I would start the thread. If there is already one going, let me know.

So, what did you do to your Tbird today?

I'll start. Put the hardtop on it Sunday since we've got a week of mid 80's. Drove it to work yesterday and today. I must say, I enjoy this car so much. It's an awesome ride that gets tons of looks and is an awesome cruiser.
We are get our Bird ready for Club photos tomorrow at local food bank here in Knoxville, TN