What did you do to your Tbird today? 2002-2005


2004 Merlot
In early March, pre Covid, my mechanic had an excellent, lightly used 205/55/17 in his shop. Mounted easily on the OEM spare rim and fits perfectly under the cover, no problem. I like having a "normal" pressure, non-exploding spare in my trunk. (I hope I never have to use it.)
I have gotten 1.2" wide Mylar tape and will be installing the Top on the wive's car today.

The top has been sitting on the stand for over 15 years. The first couple of years I put the top on and off but then the wife said just leave it off. I would sometimes roll it out to the backyard when I needed more room in the garage.

When I pulled the cover off it had two large scuffs on the top at the rear just before it makes the turn down to the rear window.
I had to buff them out, then I polished and waxed the entire top.

I had to experiment with the install of the Mylar tape a few times before I got the laying of the tape correct, but it all came out right in the end and I only spent $12.00 for the tape, with plenty leftover.

The install had some problems trying a new set of harnesses to use with my electric winch. I had used nylon rope 15 years ago with suction cups and the rope fell apart when I took it out of the bag.
I used nylon ratcheting straps with one set going front to back down the center and the other left to right at where the side windows are. Then I attached the suction cups to the bottom/center of the rear window with a ratcheting strap connected to the witch hook with the other two strap hooks and ratchet the rear one to balance the entire top to make it leveler. Then winched it up and had my wife back the car under the top.


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Happy new year to all.
I'm trying to find some replacement window weatherstripping for my 2005 bird. It attaches to the convertible top and the rubber has become old, brittle and broken. One upholstery shop,that I visited with, told me I would have to replace the entire convertible top in order to assure a rain seal between the top and the door windows. Just doesn't seem very reasonable to me. Any information on weatherstripping would be much appreciated. Thank you


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Took her for a final 2020 top-down cruise. It was about 48°, but it's so dry here that it's not cold, especially with the seat heater on and windows up. That's a view looking east from the side of the Franklin mountains, about 4100' elevation. Every day's a great day when you have a convertible.