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I am not affiliated with Ford Motor Company, all the data I gather comes from individuals with an interest in the new Thunderbird.

The files will be updated on a regular basis depending on the amount of data received since the last update.

For the new people on the board, I have been collecting data on all the Birds that I can, so if you have any of the below information on you car, I would appreciate receiving it.

In the plots that I post on the Yahoo group site, I have added estimations to the VIN vs. Delivery, VIN vs. ETA and VIN vs. Build plots. Due to the limited data that I have, I feel that the estimations may be optimistic, however it will give you a rough idea of build/ETA/delivery dates. As more data is gathered the better the fits will be. For this reason I would appreciate as many build dates/ETA's/delivery dates that I can get. Keep in mind that these are estimates and should not be taken as absolute.

The data can be found at:


The plots are located in both the files section (.jpg extension) and the photo section.

You can email it to me at the below address. When submiting data please include as much as possible of the following:

Your full 17 digit VIN, build week, ETA, delivery date, destination (where it is being delivered to, not necessarily where you live) exterior color, top color, model (premium or deluxe), interior color (full, partial, accent or plain), your name if you want it included and any remarks.

Also if you could include your position in the dealer allocation (# of #) it would be useful in giving people who have not received a VIN an idea of when they might.

The usual sequence for vehicle order status is as follows:

(1) clean/unscheduled (2) submitted to plant (3) scheduled (4) locked in (no changes to order allowed) (5) bucked (implies that production of the vehicle has commenced) (6) produced (7) released from plant (8) assignment of a railcar or released to convoy (9) arrived at ramp (rail yard or distribution center near delivery site) (10) if not assigned in step 8, released to convoy.


Joe O'Donnell
St. Pete, FL
2002 Bird in Hand
Black Premium, Black Top, Black Accent
VIN 102532


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I received a call from a salesman that they had a (SOLD) Bird in their showroom if I wanted to come look at it. Owner is leaving it there for about a week and is supposed to be picking it up next Monday (?), so I would guess that it came in early this week or late last week - just a guess. It is a Red/Red Premium with full red interior accent, VIN #6244; sorry I didn't get the full 16-digit, but I was trying to casually commit the last digits to memory until I could get back to my car and write them down! It came into Will Tiesiera Ford Mercury in Tulare, CA, and it is the #2 of their 3 car allotment. They have had a white one and are getting a black one, all already sold. Apparently, the #3 is going to owner, who will drive it for a year, and then someone has already promised to buy it from him at the end of that year! I saw a black premium about 3 months ago that was roped off and undergoing a bidding war but couldn't get close enough to see it well. This one had a "NO TOUCH, ALREADY OWNED" sign on the dash (local owner took keys!), but I could get close and get a good look. Really beautiful is all I can say! Chrome premium wheels do look better in person than in pictures, after all. Hope to be able to get one of this style Birds one of these days.

Hope this helps!

Dennis Grant
1960 HT 208K
1992 Sport 225K
Well Joe, let's try a shorter thread again and see if it keeps to the top of the list.

My T-bird #6899 is assigned to a rail car as 12/13 eta still 12/31.

Saw #6280 at a dealer here in San Diego today, wht, wht, blk accent, premium w/hardtop, ready to be delivered to a new owner. Just in time for Christmas.

Hi Joe,
I'm very happy to tell everyone that my bird landed today (12-18) and was delivered to me at 5 p.m. It's absolutely awesome. My first stop was a local libation emporium (like "Cheers") and my friends went nuts! Delivery was supposed to be week of 12-17.
Pretty good job, Ford!!!

Yelllow/Yellow Premium w/ partial interior
VIN # 6798
Hey 3 birds to report at Gwinnett Place Ford in Duluth, GA...

100570 Yellow/yellow premium, full accent interior
104023 Black/black premium, black accent interior
105671 Red/red premium, black accent interior

Get this...all "limited production dealer markup" of 20K!!!! I hope they choke!

They also have one USED (although the VIN I wrote down is a duplicate on your website)...VIN 101079, black/black premium, black accent interior...546 miles, no sticker, but I'll bet it's at least 50K.

Sorry I don't know delivery dates, but I'm almost certain that's it's been within the past 2 weeks...didn't much feel like asking questions of a dealer that feels it necessary to, excuse me, rape the consumer. Oh well...whatever the market will bear, right?

I'm more and more thankful for my MSRP every day! ;o)

Everyone have a blessed holiday!

White/White premium; full red accent interior; no VIN yet

Just received call from my dealer (Santa) who informed me that my Bird is at the dealership and ready for delivery. On my way to unwrap it.

Vin# 107142
White/White Premium
Ralphd: As soon as I saw your post, I jumped in the car and drove over to the Ford dealership to get a look at your new bird, because I hadn't seen a white one in person. They said you hadn't arrived yet to pick it up, but were nice enough to let us go to the back and have a peek...IT IS GORGEOUS! Congratulations! I know you will love it and look forward to seeing you sporting around town in it!
Tbird Lover

Thanks for the compliment on my White Bird. Drove it around town today and had people nearly colliding with me as the gawked at the car. Quite a thrill. Look forward to meeting you soon.

White Christmas forecast issued for Madison, Mississippi, even though the temperatures will be in the 65-70 degree range.

VIN #106621 (white/white/black) will be released from prep this PM. Yes Margaret(my wife), there is a Santa Claus.

Happy holidays everbody.
I remember when living outside Phildelphia one christmas I got a 3 speed english bike. It was an absolutly beautiful christmas morning, 65 degrees or so, could'nt ask for a better day to ride your new bike, sounds like you won't be able to ask for better weather to ride your new convertable.
jodrod, your telling your age, I also had a 3 SPEED ENGLISH Racer BIKE.
One year for my birthday in July my dad ask if I wented to ride along with him. He was going to PEP BOYS. Well we lived 10 miles from York in what was then the country, so I said sure, just to take a ride in his 56 Buick. When we got there I though he was going to buy tires or something for the car. We walked over to the bikes and he said ,pick out the one you want. Well the rest is history. I rode the wheels off that bike, till I was 16.

Blue on Blue Prem. STILL WAITING Ordered in Jan. 7of12
69 Vette
73 MGB
97 F-150
2-Seadoo Jet Skies
a dog a cat and a couple hundred fish in my pond
Got Vin. 109293 Build Date 01/14

Visited our dealership today (21-Dec) and learned that our new T-Bird had just arrived at the local railroad yard in Ayer, Massachusetts! The original order for this car was submitted on 22-Jan. It was produced on 13-Dec, and departed Wixom on 17-Dec. Dealer says it will arrive by truck either tomorrow (Saturday) or on the day before Christmas. We were invited to "help" during dealer prep and plan to save every scrap of the original wrappings. Merry Christmas!!!

VIN: 1FAHP60A52Y107419
premium, blue w/ white top, partial interior
I found these on the Ford site, in dealer inventory. Sorry no dates or top color. All Premium.
Vin Location Ext. Int.
1FAHP60A22Y106194 Woodstock, GA Blue Blue Part
1FAHP60A92Y104023 Duluth, GA Black Black
1FAHP60A32Y105846 Atlanta N., GA Black Black
1FAHP60A52Y107100 Birmingham, AL Black Black NO Hard Top
1FAHP60A62Y104738 Oneonta, AL Red Black
redbird, thanks for info! vin# 6110 is # 2 at dealer. I am # 3 of 8, I have been on list for whisper white premium almost 3 yrs. Feb./99, will be glad when it arrives??? Thanks
Just got my White/White/no accent/Premium VIN 1FAHP60AX2Y106587. It was actually recieved sometime last week, but we were traveling. Picked it up on the way home from the airport this Sunday. Wohaa!

I am just beginning to discover things about the car (I get to explain them to my salesman). It it just about what I expected, after watching the conversations going on here. One thing I did not expect. The ignition key switch is in the dash! On the concept cars it was on the steering wheel.

VIN 106587 White, White

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