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JODROD, on a deliver date I do not know. It has 11/1 on the door sticker, so I would guess 6 to 8 weeks after that to get to Calif. give or take a week or two.

Blue/Blue Prem. w/full accent
In my Garage as of 1/25 #6333 LIC: BLU TB

Unless someone has other first-hand experience with the cars, I found errors on some of the cars I gave you from the Dealer Connection search:
107587 has a White top, not Blue
107928 has a Black Accent interior, not Partial Red
108295 has a Black Accent interior, not Partial Red
108813 has a White top, not Blue

I also found a new one in town:
92Y107519 is a Red Premium, with Red top and full Red interior. It does not have the supp. parking lights, though. I understand it was bought in or from San Diego, CA, but now lives in Visalia, CA.

Keep up the great work! The new format is fantastic!!

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Jodrod --

Two more -- they are currently located in MD at Ron Bortnick Ford and are both available at $52K. Both were purchased from a dealer in Canada:

102945 - Black/Black/Black (no optional lights)
102946 - Yellow/Full Yellow/Black Top (no optional lights)

Tommy TBird Blue
Blue/Full Blue/White 110074 - 80% chance of delivery THIS WEEK

three Blue/ Blue premiums delivered yesterday central jersey, didn't get vins, dealer says one delivered one year to date of order, owner says ride smooth no sway, owners wife says "car too fast" don't think that was a complaint, lots of smiles, I saw two owners take deliver. These were # 5 & 6 of 28 (I think), dealer says: low jack adds 6 hundred and change, alot of people financing with rates at 7 %. just happened to be driving by and caught alot of smiles. still waiting patiently for my blue on blue

I am proud to say my TBIRD has ARRIVED!

I did the paperwork and I'm scheduled for delivery 11am Tuesday.

I opted for a new kind vehicle tracking system (like Lojak, but digital), and a 6 year extended warranty (3 more than normal).

The interest rate was 9.9%... I am not happy with that, but didn't want to shop for a better deal. I could always finance it again later and I didn't want to delay the delivery.

For the record, mine was #7 of 30, but because the owner of the dealership bumped up 2 cars for his own use... i'm actually the 9th delivered.

It's Blue, Blue Top, Full Color Accent, with Deluxe wheels (that will be changed to NM 21 point wheels tomorrow morning).

It felt so good sitting in MY Tbird for a change.

TBIRD II - My License Plate
Waiting for #9476...
jodrod Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. February 10th will be 1 year and a day since I placed the order. I enjoy reading all the posts, and I am taking notes as to the problems and little things that people are having with their Birds. When I get my VIN # I will let you know.
Thanks, again
Well the 800# told me that Ford was gonna' build my bird the week of 1-28-02 with a eta delivery date week of 2-11-02. It is now the 28th and the 800# is still saying the same @#%$! THING! I know, I am over anxious. Can anyone give some encouraging words? Man, I am sooooo tired of waiting. But I am close now....

Anticipatin' Dan
TBIRDII, Yours is just like mine that I took delievery of at 4pm today. You will love it. I'm putting a report post on tonight.
oaklifed, don't give up hope, like everyone say's the wait is worth it. I waited 1yr& 16 days for mine. JUST WAIT!!!

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Received my VIN today! No. 111871, Red Premium with full-red. Deposit down in Nov. '99, order placed on Feb. 1st, 2001, No. 3 of 8 in dealer's allocation. Jodrod, I have e-mailed you the full VIN, and everything else I know. Somewhere back in this post, is there a way to decode the VIN? Also, no ETA yet. Can you hazard a guess?

We are putting together a California Rally for February 24, 2002. Can you send me an e-mail with your identified California folks' e-mail so I can invite them informally to the rally?

Do you want to come? Tampa to L.A.? It would be a great test run for Thunder on 66.

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Just a suggestion, but would it help to clear out 4 of the 5 pages on this thread or start a new one? -- It seems that there is alot of wasted resources being taken up with OLD posts in this threat in particular.
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