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Well I'll tell you I can't wait til I get my EZTop! Finally took the top off to check for water and thank god no water. Thanks for the tip to check it, though. It was a challenge to lift, store , drive first time top down, put the rag top up, and put hard top back on. I was nervous, but my brother and I figured it out without any damage or problems. (damage to my nerves or our bodies or for that matter my car.
So another unknown fear faced and conquered! Thanks for listening, Can't wait for the RT66 Tour. Joy

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Sonds as if you are still enjoying your bird. Was wondering- did the dealership fix all of your concerns?
Wixom, welcome back!!! Yes , Manderbach Ford is bending over backwards to accommadate me. All things have been taken care of, and I keep in touch with them so they know all is well. They are still awaiting their #2 car.
They are having a new car clinic on the 4th and I am taking the Bird and hopefully they can give me some more hints on the care and maintainence.
Thanks for your concern and thank you for giving this car the head start it deserves. You really got the ball rolling. Joy
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