Timing chain and tensioner replacement on ‘02


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Hello all, how many of you replaced the chain and or tensioners ? I have an ‘02 with 90k, no rattles on startup, runs great so far but wonder if it should be replaced or not..
I would be interested as well. My '02 has 114k miles and runs great, but it's always in the back of my mind. Also curious what the cost should be?
I've been quoted $3k...

Was that chain and gears only or with all the other things mentioned too?
Probably does not include the gears as Ford does not have those parts. his was the dealer. That was just for the timing chain at the dealer. They quoted the other stuff separate which in my opinion should not have been as they are already removing the old parts. All in was over $5k.... I assume they added labor for everything.
I got a $2k quote for doing it if I supplied the parts to a local shop. I've seen a kit on Ebay with gears but 2 are not included.

I'll just do it myself as I only paid $5k for the car and if I mess it up I'll part it out and be done with it.