The Prowler is dead

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Daimler-Chrysler has announced that the Prowler will stop production-the final three hundred units will be built by summer.

Another two-seat model has bit the dust-seems that Ford's decision to only build 25000 units per year was a good one.

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There was mention of that in AutoWeek a few issues back, I believe that they stated poor sales as the determining factor.
I like Ford's version, called the Indigo. The concept has a V12 putting 460HP down at the rear wheels!

Look out, Corvette! (If they build it)

I will be at the Auto Show for the next three days-will try to bring back some good pics for everybody-especially the new FoMoCo products! *G*

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Last prowler will be build on 2-15-2002 at CAAP(CONNER AVE. ASSM. PLANT) home of viper and prowler for the last four years...


As for prowler being under powered not so..

Prowler has a 3.5 liter high-output SOHC 24-valve aluminum V6 - and for a lot of sound reasons: Packaging of people and roadability being the main ones.

But this free-revving 60-degree design cranks out enough suds (253 horsepower at 6,400 rpm) and yank (255 pound-feet of torque at 3,950 RPM) to get anybody's attention. It has an aluminum block with a forged steel crank bedded in the four main bearings. The heads and pistons are aluminum. It's been dressed-up, and heated-up slightly -- a less restrictive air cleaner, cast stainless steel exhaust manifolds that make tube-type headers look primitive, and EFI linear cam throttle body for surprisingly quick, crisp response, so stay awake.

And keep your eyes on the rev counter -- because when you make use of the AutoStick(r) feature of the four-speed electronically controlled automatic transaxle and forget to upshift, an engine management system shuts down the fuel supply at 6600 RPM. You will notice the transition. You see this is the one automatic we install that doesn't have a mandatory upshift built in. You select a gear in AutoStick(r) mode, you shift it up or down as you desire. For the gearheads, final drive ratio is 3.89; individual gears are: 2.842 1st, 1.573 2nd. 1.000 3rd. and 0.689 (overdrive) 4th.

Engine Breathing:
Dual throttle bodies induction, special exhaust

Rear-wheel four-speed fully adaptive, electronically controlled automatic with AutoStick(r)

Curb Weight:2,838 lb.

you are right you don't get it... just like GW not getting the T-bird..

compare to T-bird's curb weight of 3863lbs and 252hp@ 6200 rpm you tell which one is under powered...

NOW don't get me wrong I own a T-bird and two prowlers LOVE BOTH CARS..but just get the facts right..

Here is a picuter of last color build CANDY RED




Oh my GOD. My name has been used in the same sentence as GW. I think I need to crash my car into a concrete bridge now.

Hey David. OK, I stand corrected. Thanks for the pictures and info. They are very attractive cars. You should be proud of your garage!

I was basing my limited knowledge on what I read one time in Motortrend (I think) about nitroing one to get those wheels to spin. Just took that and a 6 banger and figured (doggy). Want to let me take yours for a spin to even more convince me?

DavidN wrote "As for prowler being under powered not so..

Prowler has a 3.5 liter high-output SOHC 24-valve aluminum V6 - and for a lot of sound reasons: Packaging of people and roadability being the main ones."
Good post on the Prowler. And sweet that you have 2 of them. I have driven my buddy's 99 Prowler several times. Surely enough power to give one a rush. I would have one if it weren't for the fact that I still lust for a Viper. The Prowler is a great buy now, since they can be easily had at MSRP of around $47K. I am really liking my yellow Bird, but I bet if you park a T Bird next to a Prowler and stand in the distance, you will find a bunch of guys around the Prowler, and women around the Bird. It's a guy thing.
With your 2 Prowlers you have the best of both worlds. Now about that Viper....

That is not my place..
I'm working on mine ..
that is a friend of mine he has now 12 prowlers and doing away with the tennis courts and building a 15 car garage..

here is my garage..


I own a 02 Lightning, 02 T-bird, 02 Escalade and the Prowlers..based on the weather I drive the Lightning or the T-bird as a daily driver prowlers on the weekends and if I have to carry more than one passenger them the Escalade...



i've always liked the prowler - very neat-looking car. good to hear that the performance is very respectable out of that 6-banger.

i've seen on here in l.a. that is pretty tricked out. it sounds VERY mean - probably added an aftermarket exhaust.

i've considered in the past driving one as an everyday driver (and only car.)

while it looks like it has a big trunk, i've heard it's very small.

any thoughts? (i'm also aware of the trailer, but not sure if i'd want to be towing that around all the time.)

The Prowler may be going out of production but I expected it,not because of sales or performance but because Chrysler rolled out what is essentially a replacement.Although it is not a convertible it IS a two seater and geared toward performance as well.It is the Chrysler CrossFire and is coming to dealerships near you for the 2004 model year.A very unique design that is typical of the "in your face" designs like the Viper,Prowler,PT and to a certain extent the RAM.As soon as I saw the CrossFire was confirmed I knew the Prowler would fall out of production for two reasons.1.)There is no real reason to have two seperate two seat models under the same trademark name.2.)The Prowler was a Plymouth simply pushed under the Chrysler name with the fall of Plymouth to give Chrysler a sporty car,where as the CrossFire is entirely designed under the Chrysler name as thier own sports car.Really like it's 63-67 vette style rear.Esientially the same power supply...a 3.2 liter V6 with the posibility of being supercharged(the 2003 concept was).


But I will miss the Prowler....ofcourse this will make seeing the occasional one more special.
OK, I'm confused again.

Why would anyone own 12 Prowlers. Or 12 of any one style car? He must be convinced they are sound investments? Again I mean no disrespect.


Well he is a true prowler enthusiast and wanted every color ...he also owns world fastest prowler(supercharged,etc,etc)1/4 time is 12.15et at 110.70 mph..has the first or last of each color..and has the money to get whet he wants... and his wife like them too..LOL that helps.I know one other owner in MN. that owens as many prowlers..
The red and black one that I have is called the "woodward" named after the famous street in Detriot. they ony made 151 and mine is #80.
I know many owenrs with 2 or 2 prowelers and most like me they own a woodward and other color..



many owners do drive their prowlers daily but it really is not very good car for that and you are right no truck space ....they do make a trailer here is a picture.




Collecting cars is not done for the investment but the enjoyment (and some appear to go overboard from a non-collectors viewpoint). I know of collectors whose goal is to get one of each year Thunderbird, or to have one of each color made during a particular year (1957s had 15 different colors available)or to have one of each engine code. There's a sense of satisfaction when you complete your goal (a fun ego trip). The fact that on some car models, you can make money, is just a quirk that happens.
If you have a car just for a future investment, then it's hard to enjoy it for what the car was built for - to be driven. It's why we drive our '57, and not just to local events but to national events around the country.

DavidN, Your Prowlers are beautiful. Noted that you have a bra on the trailer of your Woodward - good choice considering that flat front on it.
OK got it. Never thought of the one of each color thing.

Still personally, would prefer to have more varity in models and styles. There are so many cars I would love to own, if I had the money and storage space. Also after about 10 cars, I would find it tough to just get enough miles on them. Because I agree, they need to get on the road now and then. Can't see myself paying someone to drive them either.
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