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Good Day Everyone,

As most of you know, I work in the paint department at Wixom Assembly.

Many of you have received your birds already and many more are very close to delivery. I have a request.

I would appreciate it if you could give me your impressions on the quality of paint. What you like, don't like, etc. What we consider to be a "concern" in the plant may not be what you are concerned with. The feedback that I have received in the past has helped us in the plant. I am hoping to be able to use any additional feedback so that we can send all of you the best Bird you can get

I thank you for taking the time to read this and for responding.


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The paint on my yellow, yellow is excellent. I have found no problems whatsoever. You and your fellow paint workers did an excellent job. I currently have a Continental and have had three Town Cars in the past and I believe the paint on the bird is the best of the lot.

Thanks for the good job.
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My paint looks great. The only flaw that I have noticed is a heavy drip in the clear coat (about 2 1/2 inchs long by 1 inch wide) on the left lower trunk lid edge. you can only see it with the trunk open, so I'm just gonna leave it alone.

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W.P. Mine had a chip on the trailing edge of the trunk lid as far out to the right as possible. Looks like it was touched up with a brush - poorly. Probably from when they had to change out the trunk lining. There are also scratches on both door openings on the B-pillar just above the radius corner coming up from the threshold. These were also just brush touched and probably happened when the seats were changed out during one of the early holds.

Dealer wanted to re-paint entire deck lid and said they might have to paint both quarter panels to repair the scratches in the door jambs. I told them to never mind. Cannot see scratches in door jambs unless doors are open and you have to be looking to notice the one on the deck lid. A custom paint shop in town is going to look at it to see if they think they can spot paint the areas in a quality way. Dealer said if they can, then they will submit a sublet paint repair on warranty. If not then I'll just leave alone. If you would like pictures W.P. just let me know and I will e-mail some to you.

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the paint on my Blue bird is great. the only spot we found was a bit of dirt on the hood. i was told it is in the color coat and they would have to repaint the whole hood and then fog in the rest of the area. i said leave it be. you have to look for the spot to see it. it is almost in the middle, about a inch from the front edge. now that i put on the chrome scoop trim, it takes you eye away from any defects.

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Dear WixomPooh,

I have #0438.(Thunderbird Blue) I beleive this is a BASF car.. Not Sure, However, I noticed some orange peel on the rear quarter panels. You can only see it if you get down on the floor and look up.. The only other thing I noticed is swirl marks ~ 2" Diameter on the hood and deck lid.. I spoke with my dealer and he offered to take care of the paint.. But, I can't find it in my heart to let someone mess with such a beautiful car. I can live with the (2)minor problems.. Mechanically.. Not one problem.... "Great JOB".. Thanks!!!! to you and your Crew!!!!
Well, I'm not quite a pleased with my paint. It is an early job, and is painted with BASF. It's black, and appears flawless with no perceptable orange peel, however, and this is the BIGGIE .... when in direct sunlight, the rear fenders appear "fogged" while the trunk and upper deck molding appear to be a deep black. It is more prominent on the left side than the right, but is is definately not good. I haven't mentioned anything yet because I haven't given the car a serious wax job yet. I ordered the Zaino systems and will be applying them in the near future. If it still appears fogged, I will be taking it to the dealer for further investigation.
BTW, Wixempooh, I will be touring the plant on the morning of March 5th. along with Joelja. I know you only work in the afternoons, but, maybe we can meet after the tour.

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PA 02 Bird,

Sounds similar to the marks I have in the trunk lid (2" swirls). Pooh said she thought it was from removing imperfections in the clear coat.

I talked to the good people at Zaino and they think that the #5 swirl remover will take care of it. I have not applied it yet, I will post the results when I do.
The yellow is pretty nice. Very little orange peel. My white top though has more then it should though.

Still wondering if I should make a deal out of it or not.

Can much be done with it? Is it all in the clear coat? I hate to have it wet sanded too much, as that will just thin out the clear coat more.
WP, thanks again for caring. You already have a picture of the defect on my car (I also put it on newbirds site) and the other places that I found some problems are: Under trunk on all edges were lot of globs of maybe clear coat. In the tail light well, drops of paint. And some spider webbing type swirls on the side panels. My dealer took care of most of these. The others I will work on in the summer. I got a stone chip that they can't seem to get just right.
Again thanks for the follow up.
I have #134, so I don't know if it's BASF or DuPont. But I have some light orange peel, which is obviously easier to detect on black. Probably the least severe orange peel I've seen on an American black car, but it is still there nonetheless. I hear some people in the forum with black cars that they say are orange peel free, and I'd really like to see this since I don't see how it can be done when paint is sprayed on the car. But overall it's a very nice paint job for black.

There are also some minor swirl marks that you really have to look for.

But most disturbing was a small gray spot on the rear fender under the clearcoat. It is only detectable in direct light and isn't very noticeable. The dealer said they would repaint it, but recommended not breaking the factory paint for one panel since it was so minor. So I decided to leave it as is. I just don't see how this got through after all this so called "goldball" treatment the cars were supposed to receive.
Pooh, Mine was pretty much flawless except for a little orange peel on the trunk lid and I'm not going to lose any sleep over that. You and your fellow workers did a great job on my Blue Bird.

For the new people on this site, Pooh and the people she works with in the paint shop have cared for and about out birds from the beginning. Thanks Pooh
My yellow car #8415 has a LOT of orange peel when viewed under flourescent lighting. In the sun it looks very nice however.

My biggest disappointment with the paint job is the poor job under the hood, the yellow paint looks more like primer. A bit better in the trunk wells, but even they aren't as good as the finish on the car. May not matter at all to most people, but I see it as one little sign that "skimping" was done.
With the paint methods today, all of that is easily done as well as the car.

Off my soapbox for now.
Grayfox II I have a blackbird and have the under hood primer paint. In the sunlight you can see this with the hood in the close position in the gap between the hood and fender almost looks like dust that needs to be cleaned . I would like to get the part that is visible from the outside fixed. Its too bad the entire engine compartment is this way. this is the same with the inside of the fuel door compartment
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I received my blue bird on 12/29 after 14 months since placing my name in the dealer's Q. After having hand washed it 4 times, I have to say that it is a SPECTACULAR paint job. You and your coworkers need to be complimented on your excellant work and committment to quality!!
Please know that you have demonstrated JOB1 to me and I am very grateful.
-Brian LaLone
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