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I've heard that there were mechanical problems that held up the introduction of the t bird 2002. One salesman told me it was an over heating problem. Has all this been corrected and are there production numbers to be sure that the t bird is now a corrected model. thanks.

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i have heard that the early cars sometimes had a heating problem, but if mine is any indication of how the car performs in general you dont have a thing to worry about. the perfomance of my car has been outstanding in our 90-100 degree weather. mine is car #15249
hello oldman i have had no over heating problems with my blk blk prem with blk top and here in kc it has been hot 106 avg heat index sure glad the ac works
Don't worry, it was the 1st 1600 (approximately) which mine was one of. Last 4 digits of my VIN is 1396. The car made it to Amarillo via rail and then was shipped back to Wixom, Mi. via transport truck. The hydraulic cooling fan hydraulic pump had to be replaced on these cars. The fix worked as the temperature gauge stays dead in the middle all of the time.

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