How often do you drive?

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I live in Houston and have only seen one 2002 Tbird on the road,Mine.I know there are many out there. I guess most not being driven. How often do you'll take yours out?
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Mine is a daily driver and I have only seen two others here in St. Pete, both in the past two weeks, a blue and a black like mine, both premiums. The highest VIN I have being delivered is 10037.

Also, I don't have you in the database, please see my post "VINs/Dates/Destinations II".
Mine also is a daily Driver. I've got 6600 Miles on it now, since Oct.16th. There are 4 others in town I think -- 2 reds, & 2 yellows. I heard about another Black one but have not seen it yet and I did see a Blue with a white top here, but I understand it to be from another county.

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Mine is a daily driver. I have yet to see another one on the road in Tallahassee. Everyone I talk to (or more accurately, who talks to me, usually while driving alongside me) says it's the first one they have ever seen....with the exception of those that saw the black one parked in the front of the Chevrolet dealer's used car lot.
My Bird is driven daily here in the D.C., Maryland suburban area. I have only seen one other on the roads around here, and it Blue and had Michigan manufactures plates on it and was driven by a writer from World on Wheels Mag. I sure would like to have his job because he gets to drive everything. I am just under 4,000 mi since Oct 13,01. Red 101626
weekends only. 2600 miles since 10/4/01 but 1200 was a trip to Atlanta.

have seen a blue,and a yellow on the road.

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delivered October 4, 2001
We have only 600+ miles on ours in just over 4 months (delivered 9/28). Low miles due to medical problem on part of wife that has precluded her from driving it reguarly, and curtailed some travel plans. Things will hopefully change soon, especially as warm weather returns to the area in April. We have #1 of 12 for our dealer, with the 2nd car not delivered until mid-December. 1, and possibly 2, have been delivered since then, but I have yet to see another on the road but ours. And the interest the car still generates indicates to me that no one else in the area is seeing any others but ours either. No problems so far, but then again, we don't expect any.


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[I have 450 miles in 4 weeks. It is not a daily driver. But I love it. There are not many. I saw #7390 in Stadium Ford, Red/Red Premium with red accent interior. He wanted $10,000 over. ugh
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So far weekends only. 932 miles since October 9th. Understand there are 2 or 3 other ones in town but have not seen them on the road personally.
No cruising this weekend. Got an inch of ice on the ground (actually everything) and a predicted eight inches of snow coming down on top of the ice tonight. Will still be to messy this weekend. Darn!
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Like David, I'm up to 6600 miles (delivery in September). Several trips account for the bulk of the mileage, but Amadeus takes turns in the daily cycling of the '02, '95 SuperCoupe, '65 Mustang converty, and '56 Bird.
Mine is for out-of-town weekend trips exclusively, but that's only because I live and work in San Francisco, and if I drove the 'Bird casually around town I would fear for its life!

I put over 3,000 miles on it right away on Route 66 (which is only 2,400 miles total, but I got lost a few hundred times). In the two months since I got back, I've piled on another 1,000 miles.

I still have not seen another Thunderbird on the road (except for a brief flash of white hindquarters when one flew by in Beverly Hills on my trip). Not one sighting for me yet in Northern California, though.
That's not true Paula. You saw mine on the road. LOL

Yellow/Yellow Prem. 02 Bird w/full accent
1999 F150 Super Cab 4x4 Off Road
1998 Taurus SE Sport 24V
I have about 2800 miles since Nov. 19th, Monday before Thanksgiving. Had 1000 after the 1st week because purchased 250 miles from Stillwater and then took to Ft. Smith for Thanksgiving, 400 mile round trip. Of course that 1st week I drove to work also for 2 days and that was another 100 miles. I drive around town in nice weather and on trips to Oklahoma City and Tulsa. I did get some mud on it where some one tracked about 2 inches of mud out on the highway (trip to Fayetteville, Ark to see Hogs play). So most of the miles are highway.
Love to drive and the attention.

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2K on my bird, most of it around the North side of Houston and Old Town Spring.
Last weekend the local T-bird club invited me along and added 500miles to the total.
E-mail me I would love to compare in person. Anything to get out of the garage.
To cat380 - I also live in Houston and have seen three(3) Black ; three(3) Yellow; one(1) Blue; and one(1) Neiman Markup in addition to my White.
You are welcome to join fellow Thunderbird enthusiasts every Saturday morning from 8AM till about 9AM at Skeeters cafe located at the corner of Bissonnet and Weslayan. Hope to see you soon!

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Mine was delivered Nov. 9th and I currently have about 1050 weekend only miles on it. Put about 600 of those miles on the first weekend when I drove to southwestern Oklahoma to show my folks. There is one other bird in our little town (only one the local dealer was alotted), owned by a lady doctor that drives it daily (her brother in law is the sales manager at the local dealer). I haven't talked to her, but have visited with her husband and told him about this site. She was visiting some folks that live 3 houses down the street from me the other night when I came home from work, so for a little while we had a couple of birds in the neighborhood.

Bill (greenwr), I told her husband we should get together for a group picture - all red, all white, red and white - would look pretty cool. I took the white top from my 1:18th model and put it on the 1:18th red model to get an idea of how your car looks - I liked it, but the wife said she definitely liked the all red look better. I would mind having one of both depending on my mood.



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