Headlight Switch

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I would gather, that's the function for the removable light switch button no?


Seriously the button has a position if you pull it, and that positions is not "off the dash and in your hand?"

Geesh, would have had to get my wife to drive my bird at nite and for her to actually try a stunt like that one.

Who has the answer to this one?

Sorry for the laughs...

I did check the owners manual, (French Canadian Version) and nothing indicates the button can be pulled or that the function does anything.

Interesting. I do know that the pull out position does nothing. Strange.

Most may know that the supplemental driving lights were a no cost option that had to be checked on the order sheet to get them installed at the factory. Whoever ordered my car neglected to hit that box and I had some of the ugliest plastic caps imaginable. Bought something called "Bling lights" that look close to original. There are two light settings (white and blue) and I installed using a small toggle switch. Now wondering if it could be wired to the pull out part of the switch. Any electric geniuses have any thoughts? Thanks in advance.


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