Gadgets, T-Bird Stuff,...tell me what you have..( I need Christmas Ideas )

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Well, I do know what Ford offers so really what I'm looking for is other stuff.

If you found something that would make a great gift, please tell me about it and where you found it.

Thanks....BlackBird ~~^~~

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The Michael Lamm book.."Thunderbird 2002" is a winner. Available in most bookstores, Amazon, and somebody was selling them for 20 bucks recently. Don't remeber who.

The Maisto 1:18 diecast model. Tons of them on ebay.

The 2002 Thunderbird desk clock that looks like the speedometer of the '02 Bird in the Ford collection catalog. it is really cool looking.

Also other stuff on ebay, such as wall clocks, literature, etc.

Hope this helps.
Don't forget to order the Motor Trend t-bird on this page or on the home page of this site. We get 5 percent of the proceeds too, which is like making a donation to the site.

I also like the 1:25 diecasts by White Rose that feature the '02 T-bird "dressed" in your favorite team's colors, etc. I've got an Atlanta Braves, and have an Atlanta Falcons (sorry joelja!) and a University of Michigan on the way!! These are on ebay...another good idea is the t-bird floor mats that are available at Ford dealerships...

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Okay, just so you all know, I am reading and heeding your suggestions. I ordered the die-cast by Motor Trend. ( wish it were black ).
I ordered the desk clock ( Ford Collection ).
I have already bought some of the other things mentioned ( the Lamm Book ), I gave my husband for his birthday. I also got him the very expensive duster witht the Thunderbird Logo on the case ( Ford Collection ). His daughter got him the car cover ( Ford collection ) with the Thunderbird Logo.
I have seen the little keychains on ebay, I'll probably end up getting him one of those. I too looked for the orginal source on these and was never able to find it!
I did see the team name cars and will definetly get the Dolphins one. ( Go Fins! )

The Thunderbird Thermos ( Ford Collection ), I thought was a let down as were the Costa Del Mar sunglasses ( Ford Collection ) as the Logo only appears on the case.

I've been buying lots of apparel. He loves it!

Hope you all get your birds for Christmas that haven't got them yet.

I'll try this to see if it works. Sorry if it doesn't.


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Originally posted by DavidA:
There's a Car Cover available from Ford with the T-Bird emblem, I bought a front cover (Bra), the baseball cap and the duster all with T-Bird emblems. These things are available at the Ford Collection.

You are going to put a Bra on your car? I've seen some paint damage after years of use.

I'm only going to put it on for trips. I think it's more important to keep the bugs and stones off than worry about possible paint scoring. It won't be on all the time, just when heading out for extended highway trips. Thanks for the warning.
Hi, I've obviously missed something here. What is the Motor Trend T-Bird model mentioned above, and is it too late to order one?

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the Motor Trend model used to be pictured at the bottom on this page. It's a model of the Concept thunderbird, 1/64th scale. It is NOT a model of the 2002, ie it's either red or pale yellow with a black interior, with or without hardtop. It may still be found on the shelves of Target and some other retail stores.
The black 1:25 scale kit pictured at the bottom of this page has two sets of wheels--both are 21 spoke, one is chromed, the other is not. Someone on another thread was asking about the chromed spoked wheels. I have seen this model at Hobby Lobby in Houston. It is die cast, but you put it together yourself. It doesn't have too many pieces, and apparently can be assembled by a 3 year old? It even comes with it's own red-handled screwdriver. It is a nice model.

The Holiday 2001 issue of Exoticar's catalog lists 1:18 Scale 2002 T-Birds in Red, Yellow, Black, and Blue with removable hardtops. Two of the four pictures shown are tops on and two with tops off. I ordered one in yellow to match my car. They sent me a Concept model in light yellow with the removable hardtop. When I called to tell them of their error and to ask about returning it, they said they do not have the 2002 models in stock yet. Does anybody know if Maisto is now going to reissue their 1:18 models with removable hardtops as they did with the three concept models?

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No news on removeable tops on the 2002's.

The tops on the Special Editions can be removed carefully but it requires taking the car completely apart to get to the tabs. There are 2 posts stuck in holes in the sunvisors, too. My husband took apart a 1/24th scale model and the posts in the sunvisors were partially melted to hold them in the holes in the sunvisors so removal has to be done carefully.
I ordered a bunch of stuff and recommend the following:

1. T-Bird key chain so you can detach the rest of your life from your bird and keep the scratches down while moving;

2. T-Bird clock for the desk when your not driving;

3. The T-Bird lightweight jacket -- black -- has a great feel and the bird logo is pretty cool;

4. The book;

5. T-Bird PDA case to double as a wallet;

6. T-Bird CD case because six is not enough on long trips; and

7. T-Bird thermos because it comes in handy and is a cheap present to yourself.

Short of the above, I really can't recommend anything in the collection.


P.S. Order now and you'll get it in ten different shipments by Valentines Day!*%$
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