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Find Out How Rare Your '02-'05 Thunderbird is...

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by Quickdraw, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. 1fahp6da85y109282
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  2. Here is my vin if you can decipher it. IFAHP60A63Y110282
  3. 1fahp60a13y102400
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  4. I have a 2005 Thunderbird, red, Premium,
    Vin #1FAHP60A15Y103646
  5. Hi Folks. I picked up my White 2002 Thunderbird a few days ago. Looks great in the garage and drives even better. Clean Carfax but no original window sticker. VIN 1FAHP60A62Y130532. Any information you can provide will be most sincerely appreciated.

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  6. As my friend Harry said, get me the info he provides you, vin, colors,options and e-mail address and email to coat1971 @ aol.com. Will try to be timely but sometimes get backed up.
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  7. how many 2005 red thunderbirds with red hardtop and black interior were made ? thank you, Miller
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  8. Hi!

    I would truly appreciate the build info. for my Whisper White with a black hard top T'bird. I am the second owner but have owned "my baby" for 12 years. The original owner even had a rack for the hardtop that came with the car when I purchased it. I wanted a T'bird since I was 7. My dad worked for the local Ford garage for 40 years. The T'bird came out when I was born so I treated myself for my 50th to one. Unfortunately, my dad was not alive when I purchased it but I know he is smiling down from Heaven everytime I drive it! My Vin is: 1FAHP60A72Y112007. If you could send the info, it would certainly make my day! Thank you! DARSWISH
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  9. Quickdraw

    Quickdraw 2004 Member of the Year Lifetime Donor


    Order Date: 5/24/2002
    Date Built: 11/12/2002
    At Dealer: 12/10/2002
    Sold Date: 7/11/2003
    Sold By: Sentry Ford, Medford, MA
    Description: 2002 premium, black body with performance white hardtop, partial red interior accent, 7 spoke chrome wheels
    Invoice: $37,130.57 (Dealer cost, not sticker price)
    One Of: 14

    You might want to send this information to Bill and have him make you a facsimile window sticker (free).
    His member name is coat1971 and his email address is: coat197ATaol.com Tell him you saw this offer on Thunderbirdforum.com
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  10. I submitted my info and vin a month ago but have not heard back.
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  11. Thank you!
  12. Interesting because it has the 21 spoke wheels
  13. 2002 PremiumThunderbird Blue
    Thunderbird Blue Hardtop
    Midnight Black Interior
    Black Softtop
  14. 1FAHP60A73Y106354
    2003 thanks!
  16. 1FAHP60A32Y125014
    2002 Thanks
  17. 2002
    Tbird blue
    partial blue interior
    black soft top
    no hard top
    7 spoke chrome wheels
    And how do you tell the premium from the base, Thanks
  18. How old is my car?
  19. Quickdraw

    Quickdraw 2004 Member of the Year Lifetime Donor

    Oops! Lots of requests waiting... sorry.

    Miller: There were 252 2005 torch red Thunderbirds with a red hardtop and black interiors made. 169 of that 252 had the black accent interior and 83 had the standard black interior.

    Order Date: 2/13/2001
    Date Built: 2/19/2002
    At Dealer: 2/26/2002
    Sold Date: 3/7/2002
    Sold By: Hopkins Ford Lincoln Mercury, Jenkintown, PA
    Description: 2002 premium whisper white body and evening black hardtop, black accent interior, 7 spoke chrome wheels
    Invoice: $36,549.80 (Dealer cost, not sticker price)
    One Of: 167

    Mikey52 wrote: "Interesting because it has the 21 spoke wheels"
    It left the factory with 7 spoke chrome wheels. If it now has 21 spoke CHROME wheels someone installed more expensive wheels (only installed on the 2002 Special Edition Neiman Marcus or the Special Edition 2003 James Bond 007 model) after it left the factory. If it now has 21 spoke PAINTED wheels, someone took your chrome wheels and swapped them with the cheaper Deluxe model wheels.

    Order Date: 7/10/2002
    Date Built: 8/26/2002
    At Dealer: 9/4/2002
    Sold Date: 7/28/2003
    Sold By: Freedom Ford, Norfolk, VA
    Description: 2002 Premium Thunderbird Blue body and hardtop, black accent interior, 7 spoke chrome wheels (a twin to my car)
    Invoice: $36,738.57 (Dealer cost, not sticker price)
    One Of: 842

    (Ill finish the other requests after dinner)
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  20. Based on VIN# its a 2003 (10th digit in the VIN). You should have a white sticker on the drivers door and the build date will be in the top left corner, build dates from September up will be the next model year ie 5/02 would be a 2002 but 9/02 would be a 2003
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