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Has anyone on here preordered the ez top remover. And if so the man. or elect. They say they will be shipping preorders around the first week in Dec. Thinking about getting one but would like to know how well they work and fit up to the top Thanks
I ordered top kits from EZTop.

The very bad feeling you get when the top is dropped onto the paint is unforgetable.

The kit I ordered is with all the electrics and the individualy made top clamps (1 for the 2002 and 1 for th '56).

The other removal systems seem much more prone to let the top sway, and no matter which you buy, it is always safer to have two adults in removal or installation.

This company is builder/owner operated and each kit is hand welded. The last time I spoke with Emil he had over 100 on preorder.
Thanks people, let me know how everything works when you get the Bird and the hoist together. The company I work for makes hoists but these are industrial type and way too much money for this type of thing.

Emil with EZtop used my car to measure
for the new T-bird lift. I was very impressed with the detail he put into the measurements. He explained that making a lift was the easy part. Making sure the top is lifted and properly supported in a position that will not harm the top, if it was left in the stored position for long periods of time, was more his concern. The new T-bird top is one of the largest tops on the market and the lift points are not on the window edges, as this might cause the top to bow or spread over time. Not sure what design EZ-top ended with but I believe it is worth a little research.
I was just about ready to order my electric top remover from EZ Top. Is anybody having problems with it or what it does to the car?
I've looked over websites for both EZ top and EZ Lift. Glad to hear that EZ Top has a car to work with. Seems like a big difference in price for the difference between straps and metal bars. I live in Houston and plan to go to EZ top to see the product for myself. I'll take some pictures and submit to the group. Is there someone in Ventura CA area that could do the same at EZ Lift?
I noticed you live in the Denver area. I live in Colo. Spgs. When you get your EZTop, I would like to see it in operation. I'm tempted to buy the "sling & hoist" system for the Little Birds that CASCO sells for about $40. Why is EZTops hoist a better deal?
I have the sling type fro my '56.
In as much as my wife and I will be keeping both of the Birds for a long time,
we feel the handmade EZTop is the way to go for the long haul.
It is better for other reasons too.
If you leave your top on the sling or seat belt webing sling for any long period of time, it will dig into the rubber seals and fiberglass and the paint on the '56.
I imagine it will do the same to the '02.
I know the above from experience and there is NO removing the indentation of the web mark that results from hanging the top too long.
The second reason is control. The sling types tend to sway and if they slip you can drop one side into the paint. Also from experience.
Third, I want the electric hoist, good ones are about $300 and the hand made top adapter is built to last a long time and hold the top in place without damage to the paint/fiberglass or seals.
As I see the best in the business is EZTop. I found them using Altavista, not this BB.

I plan on getting mine in the Spring. When I do come on up and take a look.

'56 + '02 Birds

Hey @SCT,
With the hard top on the provided stand, the measurements are as follows:
20" deep
61" tall
68" wide
The top cart is well balanced, and is very easy to wheel around in the garage. I have mine in the middle of the garage, between ol' 56 and new 02. My 56 hardtop is hanging from the ceiling above the car. That top hasn't been used in the 10 years I've owned the car.
Hope the info helps.
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I really like the design of the eztop but I have a question: what is the maximum clearance required for the ceiling mount, pulleys and hardtop? Is the best location for the hoist is in the center of a 2 car garage behind the door opener or over the Tbird? I am concerned that if the top stays on the lift that we would have to do the "limbo" to get around it. The other option would be to take if off the lift and store it on Ford's cart. We took the top off this weekend and we felt a bit of a panic when walking it back hoping to keep it away from the trunk's paint. We have not tried to put it back on yet. Not really looking forward to that!

This is a little before I was ready to reply but here goes. Saturday I had the EZ Top (electric) installed by Emil who is the owner of EZ Top. Remember, he used my top to
measure initially, then others.

The lift fits perfectly and I have no fears,
what so ever, of it dropping. It takes a little time to line everthing up but one
person can take the top off or put it on easily.

The cable spool that supports the load has it's own bracket an a reduction gear.
This allows a worm gear to do it's job
and reduces the stress on the motor shaft. The controls allow you to lift or lower the top with absolutly no jerks or jitters.

The top unit (claw)is perfectely balanced
and every lifting point is protected
with lambs wool.(my choice)
All other possible contacts points are
soft foam, but only one (1) 1" by 6" piece
comes into contact with the paint. The rest
are only there for our mistakes. Just a little care and we should never have a problem.

With the top hung the bottom is approx.
68" off my floor. A little limbo but I can use the exercise.

Wife and I both could tell that this product
is made with pride (Lots of it)
Emil said that he purchased everything from US mfg. except maybe (no supplier would verify) the nuts and bolts.

Pictures will be posted soon.

Neiman #225 last of the line

You stated that the bottom of your top is 68" from the floor when in the hung position. The height of my garage ceiling is 11' 4". Since you are now an experienced installer, what is your estimate of the clearence I will have?
Better yet, what is the vertical distance from the ceiling to the bottom of the top and what is the vertical distance from the ceiling to the bottom of an empty ezlift? That way we can tell regardless of ceiling height how much we need to practise the limbo...
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