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Doug Demuro Gives Unflattering Review of 02-05's

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by usmcdad, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Well put, BluByeU. It is always both sad and frustrating to have someone such as Demuro speak and submit opinions concerning something for which they have either no or insufficient knowledge upon which to base those opinions. That has become all too common these days. Those who don't actually know of what they speak should remain silent until such time as they do. If they remain too lazy to gain the needed knowledge, they should then find something to occupy their time that does not require reasonable thought or the expression accurate facts. What we address makes for a sad state of affairs.
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  2. With the way he was constantly flailing his hands and arms in this video I was hoping he would have punched himself in the mouth.... you think if you were going to review an automobile that you would have done some research about the subject you were going to talk about.
    Hey Doug, Opinions are like ********, everybody has one! :p
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  3. Me too! And I’m 70!
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  4. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

    But it is made of cheap plastic parts/pieces. Feelings often lie. I think the point he was trying to make is at the time the new car cost was the equivalent of 52,000 and had the same type plastic interior pieces as a Ford car that was 12,000.00. The trip odometer was his other point as well.
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  5. Could have been worse - Scotty Kilmer telling us it was an endless money pit!
  6. I take offense to his review.. I am only 64.. :)

    That being said, it was being sold at over $40,000 with the dealer premium back in 2002.. That was corvette dollars.. BUT it wasn’t a vette.. You could get in and out of it and actually sit conformably in it.. Oops that’s from the mouth of a 64 yo again.. Yes it is a personal cruiser, not a high performance go-cart that I can only legally tap into the power if I know someone at Watkins Glen Raceway.. You don’t see thousands of them in your neighborhood, go to a car cruise and compare the number of vettes and mustangs there and how many 11 gen birds you see.. I was at a car show and I had 4 children who wanted to sit in my T-bird.. Their was a guy offering them a chance to sit in their mustang and the kids chose the Thunderbird.. Man if only the 8-12 year old segment could of bought, register, and drove the Tbird
    it would of skewed the 70 yo #.. :)
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  7. I quit watching about 10 minutes in when the whining reached a crescendo.....
    How many 17 year old cars, if the mileage is low enough, can get close to 40%-50% of their retail original value on a private sale ??
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  8. I just hope Doug never reviews the movie "American Graffiti".
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  9. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

    How many mass produced cars only sell 9,295 units during the final production year? There are 350 million people in the US/Canada. Supply/Demand is a big factor in resell value.
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  10. Gus Gutz

    Gus Gutz Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    So I guess if Doug said it was a great car then everyone here would say what a great guy he is. I have watched most of his videos for the last two years. He has driven everything and rated everything from the highest to the lowest. I understand his ratings and I agree with him.
  11. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

    It's like criticizing someone's child. LOL Kid could have a 1.5 GPA and someone say they are a poor student and the parent gets mad. ;-) Some things are subjective, however many valid points in the video.
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  12. What a great story Jorv.. Thanks for sharing.. It's wonderful that you had the resources to thank you Dad in that way.. Your dad did a fine job of raising his son..
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  13. I had no delusions about what I was buying when I picked up the T-Bird last February and its not a car for the general public... I can dig up some old, bad reviews of my 1963 split window Corvette too... Can't see out the back, garish styling, etc... Also not a car for the general public, I turn down offers on it nearly every month...
  14. I agree with Doug on almost everything he said however I also agree with everyones statement that "Doug just don't get it" When I looked at my 2005 Bird the first thing I noticed was the lack luster interior, not really worth the original price of the car. I also noticed the lines of the exterior, just what I wanted in a car and then I drove this 2005 Cashmere Bird and loved the soft ride and how comfortable the car was. Did I want a sports car that had the ride of a modified go kart? No I wanted something that would take me down the road and not have me worn out once I reached my destination. That was in fact my 2005 Cashmere Bird so I bought it. Have been very pleased with it this past couple years and still love the ride it offers and the nice feel of the every so soft and comfortable seats. I actually got what I wanted in this car. Yes a Mustang 5.0 would have been better but 79 mph is about my top speed and most of the time 70 is my norm. Also this car looks just like I wanted it to, very clean lines, retro but with all the options I need.
  15. JW in Dixie

    JW in Dixie Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    How could I not love my 04? A dream to drive - smooth as silk and quiet as a mouse. :)
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  16. Munson

    Munson Active Member Lifetime Donor

    Is that a millennial?
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  17. He certainly is.
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  18. When a guy has a big issue because the door lock push button and the power window buttons are shaped the same I question how important his other observations are. Some of his other criticisms I can sort of agree with but really, didn't many of us buy these because they are a bit "quirky" and not your typical econobox or soccer mom car ?
    I love the rakish slope of the windshield and never even thought about banging my head on it or getting brain damage from it in a wreck...gads!

    My chief criticism of the car is the rather jouncy suspension (my '02 had only 18,000 miles on it when I bought it in February). The struts seem fine and I torqued the X-braces to 46 ft-lbs. I think its just the way the car is...
  19. He borrowed or rented the car for a bit to do his review. It takes more than a few hours to get the real fell of a car. He made a few valid points of which never even occurred to me before in the three years I've had it, but I still love the '03 Retro. Lots of others must like it too, as we get positive comments every time in goes out. Good thing he didn't get into the needed repairs, he really would have been flailing his arms around! I never heard of Doug Whatshisname before and as some as this thread is gone he'll be as dead to me as before.
  20. Gus Gutz

    Gus Gutz Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Have you watched any of his other videos. I think if you have you would understand his points.

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