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Chrome Tail light bezels 02-05

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by stevedaphotoman, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. Yes, I found 3 book marks is on my old ipad and each one had a different price with $70 being the most recent.. Also, I thought it was wierd the site said professional installation.. As i understand it it’s just 3m double stick foam tape holding them on.. I also always thought that you had to pull the taillight to install but others who have them said it was the double stick foam tape.. I have had troubled with double stick tape before.. My wife had to come down stairs with a scissors to cut me loose once or twice.. :rolleyes:
  2. I bought mine way back when. Pretty sure that they were less than $100. They are the 3M tape and no need to remove the lights. Still attached as well as day one. Every now and then I consider taking them off. My daughter always talks me out of it. She gets the car when I’m gone so I haven’t done it.
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  3. Do you remember where you bought them. Was it T.S? Has anyone bought anything from Carro Pacific or should I take the leap and try it (that’s if they even have them).. At least if you get ripped off for $70, it’s far better than being taken for $350 from T.S. If T.S. puts them back up for sale on their site..
  4. I considered trying but read reviews of people not getting what they ordered and then the trials of getting reimbursed. so I tried their phone numbers to see if in stock. the 800 number went straight to voicemail and the local number provided was disconnected. also even though the site date itself says 2019 in one spot all reviews or statement made only go to 2015 I also google mapped it in street view and found the building their space 32 is a construction company....................................... I would not trust it
  5. @ 400 for 2 with the light might not be all that bad. was looking at just lights without bezels and even ebay is 180 -240 per light not both buy the 400 (now separately for like 190 each replace yours with those and sell yours even at a cheaper price and still come out for bezels less than 150 possible way less
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  6. I bought mine from Thunderbird Concepts. They have gone out of business. TS is short for Thunderbird Specialties. Still around but expensive.
  7. I may give Carro Pacific a call and feel out what they seem to be.. For $70 it's a far cry from the $350 Thunderbird Specialties are or were asking just a few months ago.. BTW I just relooked at Carro's site and they had an AOL.com account for e-mail.. hmmm..
  8. So do I and I’m not so bad if I do say so myself. LOL
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  9. I tried both sites for Carro Pacific. No matter which payment method I chose, the purchase failed. I'm not sure I would trust this company. As for TS, don't go there unless you are willing to pay way too much.
  10. Depends what the look like, the crhome looked faded and I wold not replace my original mint lights with junk yard ones even with bezels, but it looks like somebody did caus Sold
  11. Thanks for checking Carro AMX.. I always get distracted.. I mean it would take two minuytes to try to call them but after i close out of the list-group I forget about calling..
  12. yes I noticed some fade as well was not sure if fade was just fade or due to sitting awhile as there was mildew in crevaces on ridges in lights. I almost did buy as I would paint the bezels black anyways but alas like you said they are gone
  13. I have tried calling (3) different phone numbers and E mails, and none of them work. Can't make contact with any one. It is a Chinese owned company if it is even real
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  14. LOL maybe they are at the International Tunderbird Convention in Cleveland this weekend.. That's why they are not answering the phone.. :) Yaa Right..
  15. I bet this is the same company that was selling the bezels up until they were no longer available and either went under and never removed their web sight. I would not send any money even through Pay Pal cause we will for sure get screwed unless I eventually get a response from them that they are real and do have them but I doubt it.
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  16. Does anyone know where I can buy the chrome looking tail light bezels that fit the “retro” T-birds? (2005) ?
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  17. I have tried buying them online and credit cards will not go through. I’ve tried multiple websites that they have and I have called every phone number they have and never get anywhere. No one returns calls. I don’t know why the side continues to be there when they are unreachable. But if you ever find a source for them, even if they’re used, please let me know. Thank you
  18. I tried calling multiple times a couple weeks ago and I never got anyone either.. Oh well, I guess I will be saving some money.. I will put the money in jar for when the FEM dies. :)

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