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Can't Find Motorcraft VC-4-A Coolant on Amazon - Prestone AF2500 OK?

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by Scratch, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. Amazon lists several coolants that are considered compatible with my 2002 T-Bird. Owner's manual says I should use Motorcraft VC-4-A (Green) coolant; however, I don't see it available on Amazon. Would Prestone AF2500 work?
  2. Wow - I don't know about the 2002, but my manual for 2003 states specifically to only use the yellow stuff....
    What does the o2 manual say? I know you don't want to be mixing these around as they will gel up and destroy your heater core/radiator.

    Here's what my manual (and the 2004 manual) says:

    Add Motorcraft Premium Gold Engine Coolant

    (yellow-colored), VC-7–A (VC-7–B in Oregon), meeting Ford

    Specification WSS-M97B51–A1.

    Use of Motorcraft Cooling System Stop Leak Pellets, VC-6, may

    darken the color of Motorcraft Premium Gold Engine Coolant from

    yellow to golden tan.

    Do not add/mix an orange-colored, extended life coolant such

    as Motorcraft Speciality Orange Engine Coolant, VC-2 (US) or

    CXC-209 (Canada), meeting Ford specification WSS-M97B44–D

    with the factory-filled coolant.
    Mixing Motorcraft Speciality Orange

    Engine Coolant or any orange-colored extended life product with your

    factory filled coolant can result in degraded corrosion protection.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2017
  4. My '02 manual states that I should use VC-4-A if the vehicle has green coolant (which it does) or VC-7-A if the coolant is yellow. Otherwise, the section reads very similar to the '03 manual.
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  6. They don't make VC-4 anymore so you will have to use VC-5 as long as it's green you're good. Otherwise, you will need to thoroughly flush the system and then go with yellow or orange coolant.
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  7. Mine was built 05/02. Exactly what I needed to know, U5512. Thanks much...
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  8. tbird

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