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Does anyone else have the "Build Sheet" for their TBird?

I was fortunate to be visiting the Wixom Plant at the time my car was going down the production line. My tour guide, Dave Davis, was able to get one of the two build sheets off the side of my car and give it to me. From what I have read in earlier posts, this paper isn't put inside of the car once it is finished.

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Any chance we can get some info. as to what is on the "build sheet". Are these records kept by FORD? Does our Dealer have the ability to get a copy of this sheet?
If anybody has more info. regarding the build sheet......please share.


Sure, send it to me and I will post it on the Yahoo! site. You might want to forward it to Dot also, I'm sure she would like to have it on her site.
As far as the information on the sheet, there is: the rotation number, VIN,"National Blend" (whatever that is), year, exterior color, interior color, Feature, Steering Wheel, Shifter, Console, Cluster, Remove Top, Traction AST, Country, PCM Module, "14A005" (haven't a clue what that is), Wheel,Gas, Emission Label, Plate, and Export. Under the word Remarks, mine states Remv Top. At the top it shows the date that the car started down the production line (per Dave Davis) which is the date the painted body starts down the assembly line (I think).

Blue/Blue/Full Blue/ Premium/VIN 121065 Rotation # 0942

The build sheet would be great to have. They used to put them under the carpet, in the seat springs, spare tire well, etc. It tells the assembly worker which of several different possible parts to put on the vehicle. The 14A000 is the main wiring harness. Duane
We had this discussion a long time ago and no one was able to locate it. I don't believe that they are being put in the car from what I can remember.

If anyone finds one, please, please post it's location.
While I was on the tour of the Wixom Plant, I saw the build sheets taped to each of the car doors. That is where I got mine. It was on the final trim assembly line. I don't see how they could put them on top of the gas tanks for the TBirds. The tank was already installed at that point and the body and frame had already been put together.
When I was taking photos of our car before it was prepped, the man checking the new cars in for the dealer said that he has never found the build sheets on or in the t-birds that had come in and he said that was unusual as all the other models had their build sheets some place in the car. gmadams is a lucky owner of one of the few build sheets we will probably ever see of a new Thunderbird.

the New T-bird
I scanned the build sheet and made it a jpeg. You can view it at the following URL:

I was lucky like thenewbird2 said and was at the plant at the time my car was on the production line. Thanks to Dave Davis as he was the one that got the build sheet for me while my car was going down the line.
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