Average age of Tbird owners

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I was just wondering what you would guess the average age of the new Tbird owners to be. My mom wants one of these cars so bad, she can hardly contain herself and she is 69 years old. She made me promise that we would go to the local Ford dealer this weekend!! I hope she gets one so I can borrow it!

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I say good for her.

I hope that she acheives all she can in her life.

To many people decide to pass on opportunities because of steriotypes or outside influence.

I say go for it!

BTW I am probably one of the young ones that had an opportunity to get a 02 Tbird.

Im 38

My grandfather (her father) was a ford dealer from sometime in the 30's till mid 60's. He used to let her take the t-bird for a spin when she was in college in the 50's. She has talked about wanting one for as long as I can remember. When I told her they went back to the old body style, she wanted to go to the dealer right then. I told her we would have to wait till this weekend. I say good for her also. I know I'm probably dreaming, but I hope we can find one in a showroom, because I would love to see her face when she sees it.
If you use the ford website, I seem to remember seeing a tool that tells you what dealer cars you are looking for you may be lucky. I hear that some dealers have cars (no hard top option).

The other place you can look is on ebay.

Or maybe you can have one of the members on the forum in your area meet with you to show your mother the car...

I am in the Montreal area(50 miles from the NY state border near Platsburg), I am sure you can find someone closer to your area.

I will let others respond to the suggestion.
Good luck!
If you dont find a car in your area anytime soon and you want to see one up close and personal, I would be happy to meet you kinda half way...

I have a sailboat on lake champlain and if you drive east on HW11, 15 miles past Malone, I would be happy to have your mom for a spin in my car.

I should be around the marina every weekend after may 14th.

You can email me if you want to take me up on the offer.

I read somewhere that Ford's target demographic ranged from "well-to-do dot.commers in their 20's" to "well-off empty nesters and retirees", with an average age projected at 45 (which hits me right on the head). I agree with Erict - if the car turns you on (and it sounds like it does your mom), and if you have the means, don't let it pass you by. We only live once, and owning and driving this car is an incredible feeling. It's a powerful gesture of beauty in the world. It makes people dream and it makes them smile, and that's not a bad thing.
Geez, I hate tell you how old I am, but it would surely bring the average up. I'll give you a hint, Noah and I were pretty good friends! The moral of the story is YOUR NEVER TOO OLD TO DRIVE A T-BIRD.
I'm too young to play golf, so when I turned 65 I bought a Tbird, I should have done it 45 years ago.

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We are not too far off the demographics. I'm 49, the wife is 48 and we are trying to be empty nesters, begining of next month if we are lucky.

For what it's worth...here is word-for-word what the Ford Thunderbird Launch Manual, given to all sales people says:

The Thunderbird roadster segment largely draws Baby Boomers,45-55 years old.
*Group 1: male,married, about 45, children gone, managerial/professional, $125,000 a year

*Group 2: Singles

*Group 3: Older Boomer, wants to be sexy at midlife, doesn't think old starts until you're 80.

As for me, I was in my early thirties when I ordered the car and will be 56 when I finally get the car and I am trying desperately to be sexy in midlife.

Also, to search for TBirds near Syracuse, go to www.dealerconnection.com and put in your city name. Use the search inventory function for all the dealers that show up as being near you. If you find no TBirds, go back to the first page and put in another city near Syracuse and start the search inventory process again.

Hope this helps.
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very similar to RTBRD and live within 50 miles of each other. I'm 48, wife is 46, second child going to college in August. Can't wait for that empty nest.

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Had a 88 T-Bird Turbo Coupe but always wanted a 57. The 2002 more than makes up for never having that 57. I'm 48, will be 49 in August. Wife is a couple years older than me.

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I'm 33, female and single, young child still at home. I consider myself lucky to have had the means to get this car. Also, my two-person household makes the 2-seater just perfect for us.

This car definitely appeals to all ages...my dad (50's) loves it as much as I do...as does my 10 year old. I get as many "cool car" yells from the elementary kids when I go pick up my daughter from school as I do from adults while driving.
I am 63 , just my wife and myself at home, not the mother of my kids, but, as we all know that have children, the nest is never really empty. They all come back for one reason or another.

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