Air Intake Obstruction

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While taking a look at the front grille on my
black tbird I noticed a piece of styrofoam on the inside of the bottom half of it. It covers approximately 50% of the grille area. This much obstruction just doesn't look right. Has anyone else noticed this.

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Yes, I noticed that there is a black colored styrofoam behind the chromed grille openings. The styrofoam material covers all but the two uppermost rows of openings in the grille.

With only the two uppermost rows of the grille acting as true openings, that does not seem to allow much flowing air through the radiator. I hope that is enough air to keep the motor cool this summer.

We did not notice any overheating on our California Cruise this last weekend, but the temperatures were not very high, only 72 to 75 degrees F. When it gets to 110 to 115 degrees F. this summer, it might be another story.

Is anyone else concerned about this?

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The styrofoam is most likely the required bumper crash stuff. If you look at your front from a distance, you will notice the wing opening below the chrome grill. This area and the rather high ground clearance are all the Bird needs for air intake. Many new cars have their intakes low.

The metal grill most of us would like is probably a Fed issue as much as a Bean-counter.

The '55-'57s had a nearly 100% open grill area and many overheated, especially during parades or stop and go driving.

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